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mywellness® cloud

The mywellness® cloud is a platform that enhances workout experiences and provides club operators with a way to improve their business and stay in contact with their members.

The mywellness® cloud offers a full range of web and mobile applications that can be accessed from Technogym equipment and from any personal device, thereby allowing users to organize their lifestyles and club operators to access professional tools for running their businesses more effectively.

mywellness® cloud for working out

Our digital world enables us to constantly connect with smartphones, tablets and other new technologies. This evolution has also changed the way we now exercise.

The mywellness® cloud is inspired by the "Wellness on the GO" concept. As a result, this innovative platform grants you simple access to data, content and workout programs wherever you are, turning your desire for physical activity into a personalized experience "on the go".

Create your account
Move and gather data
Access your account from several devices

You can also share the activities you have completed on social networks and use popular fitness applications, such as RunKeeper and MapMyFitness to track outdoor sports activities.

If your club uses mywellness® cloud, your workout can be turned into an even more complete experience because you will have more tools at your disposal. You will be able to stay in constant contact with the staff, have them monitor your progress, participate in challenges and organize the workout programs assigned to you. The result is a truly personalized workout experience.

This is how you can access mywellness® cloud:

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mywellness® cloud for club operators

Offering top quality equipment is the first step towards satisfying and attracting members. To win their trust, there is another step that you can take: you can guarantee constant assistance by providing innovative and interactive tools that can help people improve their lifestyles in and out of the gym.

mywellness® cloud is a flexible, interactive and user friendly platform. It does not require installation or maintenance. All you need is a PC with an Internet connection and you can use the professional applications to help you run your business effectively.

You can also personalize the way you use the professional applications based on the type of member and develop one dedicated to your business.

The mywellness® cloud professional applications available to you are:

PROFILE. Offer a personalized wellness experience to your members. Find out more
PRESCRIBE. Assign personalized workout programs. Find out more
SELF. Allow your members to create their own workout programs on their own. Find out more
CHALLENGE. Get users involved in interactive and gratifying challenges. Find out more
COACH. Supervise your members' lifestyles wherever they are. Find out more
COMMUNICATOR. Turn the time spent by your members working out into marketing opportunities. Find out more
ASSETS. Keep constant tabs on your equipment. Find out more
Technogym App Store. Choose the Android applications that your members can enjoy on the Technogym equipment where UNITY™ is installed. Find out more

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