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Fitness Centers

Our complete range of fitness equipment enables fitness clubs to appeal to all ages, and all ranges of fitness.

Fitness centers must keep pace with the growing sophistication and demands of members. Members expect and demand to find high-quality equipment choices that meet their exact fitness and health goals, whether they are professional athletes in training or working out for the first time.

At Technogym, we are recognized as a world leader in the manufacturing of high-quality, well designed and biomechanically precise fitness equipment. In addition to supplying a full range of fitness equipment, we also work with our fitness center partners to maximize the return on their investment with us.

On top of supplying fitness equipment, Technogym also provides:

  • Wellness Design™: create attractive environments within your facility space
  • Marketing Support: access resources that will help market your facility and services more successfully and profitably
  • Specialist Training and Consultancy Services: train your staff to achieve better results with our services

mywellness® cloud

The mywellness® cloud is a platform that enhances workout experiences and provides club operators with a way to improve their business and stay in contact with their members.

Personal Wellness Solution

Discover how best to create a personal training service based on functional training.

mywellness® Coach Solution

mywellness® Coach Solution is the innovative solution that allows you to offer your customers highly motivated training that is highly less tied to facilities and timetables.

Club 2.0

Turn your facility into a fitness facility that is up to date with the times by putting clients' aspirations at the heart of your business.

Wellness Design™

Thanks to our Wellness Design™ team, we will help you design the gym best suited to your needs.

Gym news

Keep up to date with the latest news about the world of fitness facilities.

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