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Communities around the world have found a correlation between the fitness of their residents and reduced area healthcare costs.

A strong and healthy community starts with the wellness of its individual members. Unfortunately, sedentary lifestyles, an abundance of unhealthy foods and the high costs of health care undermine the health of individuals and the communities in which they live. As a result, a prevalence of health issues such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol arise and in turn cost communities millions of dollars in health care each year. But, by making community fitness facilities attractive to a wide range of users, you can not only help individuals achieve their wellness goals, but also bring community members together to reduce long-term health care costs.

Why Technogym?

In addition to the reliability of our equipment, Technogym offers a variety of other features and services that help community planners.

  • Use our Wellness Design™ service to create a welcoming workout atmosphere within the spaces you have available
  • Technogym education and marketing support offers your facility staff the tools in order to help achieve better results
  • Use our Wellness System™ to track the performance and progress of every user at your community wellness facility

Our Track Record

Technogym has equipped over 30,000 Wellness Center™s and over 20,000 private homes in 60 differet countries around the world. Everyday, 15 million people train with Technogym equipment.

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