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Wellness Institute Services

Wellness Institute™ Services

“Doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way.” St. Catherine of Siena

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Technogym Product Training Courses

“There is a certain sense of insanity in keep on doing the same things over and over and expect that the results will be different.” Albert Einstein


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“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” Bill Gates

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Business Consultancy

“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.” Tomas Alvar Edison

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This area of our web site is dedicated to e-learning. Enter and access dedicated courses dealing with our products and solutions.

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Education is empowerment. At Technogym, we believe in providing the Total Wellness Solution™: best in-class equipment plus training support. Whether you’re fitness professional or an industry operator, we have education solutions for our products and services to fit your need.

The Wellness Institute™ is Technogym’s online training portal. Founded in 2002, it is headquartered at Technogym’s corporate offices in Italy and works closely with Technogym’s USA’s educational team.

The Wellness Institute™ is a complimentary service for Technogym customers. Getting started is simple! Simply register to create an account using the access code for the course you would like to take. If you don’t have an access code, contact your Technogym representative or the Technogym USA office for further details.

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