A new era has begun for Technogym. On September 29th Technogym celebrated the opening of the Technogym Village, the new company headquarters, the world's first Wellness Campus including a Research and Innovation laboratory, the production facilities and a large wellness centre dedicated to physical exercise and education. The opening ceremony was held in the presence of the President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano and former President of the United States, Bill Clinton.

The new Technogym headquarters represents the world's first example of a Wellness Campus, a factory designed around the human being by the architecture studio Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel & Partners, which has been inspired by the principles of health and wellness on the workplace.

Nerio Alessandri, President and Founder of Technogym, declared: “After more than 25 years commitment on the development of Technogym and the spread of the Wellness philosophy around the world, our dream continues, and the Technogym Village represents the new starting point for the future of Technogym,” and adds, “together with my brother Pierluigi and the whole Technogym team, we are proud that the President of the Republic and President Bill Clinton agreed to honor our company with their presence during the inauguration of the Technogym Village”.

Giorgio Napolitano, President of Italy, stated: “Not only in America, but also in Italy there are Self-Made Men, and there is no better example than Nerio Alessandri. Together with his family, he represents one of those features of the Italian culture which make Italy stand out as not only in Europe but also worldwide, focusing on the capacity to innovate, change, develop and produce.”

In the afternoon, the 20th Wellness Congress with the title “Let’s Move for a better world” was held, analyzing Wellness as a social opportunity for designing sustainable socio-economic development starting from people’s health.

The Round Table dedicated to the topic: 'The Wellness Economy: Healthy People HEALTHY PLANET™', involved sector operators, institutions, media, opinion leaders, doctors, sports champions and businessmen. The speakers included an important panel of doctors from around the world: Ministers Corrado Passera and Renato Balduzzi, the Executive Director of the World Food Programme Ertharin Cousin, the Director of “Wired” technology and innovation magazine David Rowan and the chairman of ISTAT Enrico Gioavannini.

The guest of honor, the Former President of the United States, Bill Clinton closed the event with his speech, stating: “I would love to come and work here at Technogym, I love this place” and continued: “A better future is possible, but we need the optimism of a young, creative company like Technogym,” adding, “I share the issues of wellness, as all over the world, and particularly in my country, one of the greatest problems affecting society is childhood obesity.”