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Wellness Tools

Wellness Tools™

These timeless pieces are crafted from a perfect blend of technological research, design and artisanal skill.

The unique and elegant design of these accessories allow you to train in style, whether traveling or at the gym.

Manufactured with high-quality materials that guarantee safety and durability, the Wellness Tools™ let you perform exercises that are ideal for toning your entire body or specific areas.

The Wellness Tools™ are easy to assemble and use, offer a wide array of exercise options, integrate perfectly with each other and pair seamlessly with other products in the cardio and movement lines.

Features of the accessories

Maximum versatility

Helpful for toning, strengthening and improving elasticity and flexibility of all the body muscles, ideal for both elite athletes and less expert users and excellent products for people who love to train on their own or with personal trainers.


Ease and functionality

Safe, functional and easy to use through innovative technologies that are designed and created for those who love to stay in shape, even while traveling.


Unique design

The distinctive and elegant design makes it easy to feature them in any setting.


Wide range of exercises

User manuals with a complete range of carefully illustrated exercises are easy to understand.


Products in the Wellness Tools range

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