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Multipower Selection
The strength evolution continues

Product pluses:

Multi-functional equipment for performing a great variety of assisted lower and upper limb exercises. The movement of the barbell is regulated by two vertical guide tracks. The barbell can be loaded with weight plates that provide resistance during the exercise.

  • Multi-functional equipment for a variety of lower and upper limbs exercises.
  • Counterbalanced barbell system which guarantees the possibility to train with minimal workload.
  • Floating barbell system offering ?free weight? feeling and assisted machine safety at the same time.
  • The equipment comes complete with a particularly elastic barbell guaranteeing an increased contact area with the body and ensuring a very good feeling when exercising with high workloads.

Recommended for:

  • Specific training for the improvement of sports performance
  • Training of all the muscle groups
  • Option of customised workouts

Technical Specs

Technical Specs
Height (mm | in) 2495 | 98
Width (mm | in) 2094 | 82
Length (mm | in) 1381 | 54
Weight (kg | lbs) 268 | 591
Frame Colours silver, black, white
Upholstery Colours bordeaux, red, brilliant green, black, light brown, brilliant blue, aviation blue
Front Weight Cover Colours grey
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