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Characteristic of designer furniture, Unica™ is a multi-function home training system that combines the functionalities of a professional product with attention to detail and use of high-quality materials.

Do you have little time to spare and want to work out at home?
With Unica™ you can easily perform over 25 different exercises in just 16.15 square feet.

The advantages for you

You can use Unica™ to target whichever muscle groups you want to train.
Using the Unica™ frequently can help to improve the shape and strength of your muscles, as well as support your quest to maintain or improve your fitness level. If you are an athlete, you can also use the Unica™ to help supplement your training.

The features of Unica™

Over 25 exercises in just 16.15 square feet

Thanks to the exclusive system of levers devised by Technogym, Unica™ facilitates extensive list of exercises. Biomechanical principles and the easy-start system ensure that you use the equipment correctly and safely.

Anatomical padding make the machine feel more comfortable while performing exercises.


Unica™ shares many of the attributes and qualities of the equipment used in commercial gyms.

Made with high quality materials and with great attention to detail, it is painted with thermosetting powder coatings and has padding upholstered with luxury materials.

The chrome plating of all the levers and the careful design of all the moving parts (pulleys, bearings, bushings, etc.) ensure that this product maintains its functionality and attractive appearance over time.


Unica™ was designed based on fundamental biomechanical principles.

Guided trajectories, seat positioning and excellent biomechanics make it suitable a comfortable fit for training, even if you are exercising with high workloads for the first time.

Accessories and color variants

Unica™ is available in four color combinations: the frame is  available  in metallic gray or black, while the padding can be either burgundy or black.

Numerous accessories are also included:

  • Wellness Pad (a mat for performing stretching exercises);
  • Workout ankle band
  • Workout hand grip
  • Workout pulley bar
  • A comprehensive technical manual with suggestions on how to organize your workout programs
  • DVD to guide your workout
  • Maintenance kit
  • Wheel kit to make moving the equipment easier

Interested in training with Unica™?  Learn more about the technical specifications  or contact us  for more information.

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