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Leg Press Inclusive IFI Compliant Product

Leg Press Inclusive

Technical Specifications


Thanks to the innovative features built into this product, Leg Press Inclusive allows you to perform exercises for the lower limbs safely and comfortably.

Thanks to the way it gradually bends and stretches the legs, Element+ Leg Press Inclusive helps you to:

  •  reinforce and strengthen leg muscles in order to increase their efficiency;
  •  prevent and treat lower limb joint and muscle problems.

What's Element+ Leg Press Inclusive like?

With Element+ Leg Press Inclusive you can be sure that your body always stays in the correct position throughout the motion.

The seat can be adjusted from both sides and all the numbers on the product are tactile.

How to buy it

Excite®+ Leg Press Inclusive is a professional product that is suitable for gyms and medical facilities, such as hospitals or rehabilitation centers.

It belongs to the Inclusive line, has 93/42/EEC certification and can also be used by the disabled or those with sensory or cognitive disabilities.

In addition to Element+ Leg Press Inclusive, the range includes twelve products: four for cardiovascular training, six dedicated to strengthening the muscles, and two for functional training.

To find out how to buy it, contact us or request a quote.

Leg Press Inclusive

Technical Specifications

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