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Home Fitness Strength

Home Fitness Strength Line

Workout in the privacy of your own home with impeccably designed home strength products that combine excellence in biomechanics and careful attention to details.

Innovation, technology and design: these are the distinguishing features of our Home Fitness Strength line.

This line includes Unica, a multi-functional home unit that accommodates over 25 exercises and movements in a compact space.

The distinguishing features of the line


Your home is a reflection of you. Your interior design reflects your personality, preferences and distinctive style. Your wellness space should be no different: select equipment that complements your design.

Our Home Fitness Strength line is not just functional, but it is stylish and visually striking.

Chrome-plating, luxury materials and expert-crafted design characterize this line.

Limited size

Along with the stylish design, the equipment also takes up a small footprint. Users can perform over 25 exercises in 16 square feet.

Professional biomechanics

This product shares the same standards for biomechanical excellence as all Technogym strength products.

A wide range of exercises

Unica allows you to adjust the equipment to accommodate your diverse training goals and aspirations.

Want to know more? Discover Unica.

Products in the Home Fitness Strength range

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