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Group Cycle

Group Cycle Wireless Console

Group Cycle Wireless Console


Do you like using Group Cycle? Now you can make your work out even more motivating and efficient by simply and intuitively measuring the parameters of your exercise with the Wireless Console.

Whether you're pedaling at home or at the gym with other people, your workout with Group Cycle, can always be engaging. Now it's even more "complete" because it is measurable..

Wireless Console is a wireless device designed specifically for Technogym's Group Cycle indoor bikes that gives feedback during and after work outs through parameters such as RPM, heart rate, distance and calories.

For you, if you use or want to buy a Group Cycle, the Wireless Console is a tool for monitoring your work outs and seeing improvement over time.

If you are a gym owner or an instructor, the Wireless Console can help you organize or improve the quality of your spin classes by choosing controlled progressions and exercises that are suited to the people you are working with.

Would you like to learn more? Learn more about the benefits and features of Group Cycle.

What is Wireless Console?

It is a wireless transmitter that is installed above the flywheel on the Group Cycles that sends data to the display. To make it easier to monitor the information correctly, the lighting was designed to make the display visible, even in dimly lit environments.

Each device also includes an ANT+ chest strap. Using the strap, the console measures your heart beat and calories burned.

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How to read the display

The display on the Wireless Console is divided into three separate sections:

 Upper Section
The speed parameter is displayed and expressed as revolutions per minute (RPM) and AVG which is the average RPM value from the start of your workout.

 Middle Section
Find a precise reading of your heart rate if using the heart rate band.
Heart rate is expressed as an absolute value of the beats detected. The average value is calculated from the beginning of the exercise.
The % value shows the intensity percentage of the heart rate detected using the Karvonen method.

 Lower Section
The time elapsed since the beginning of your workout, the approximate distance you would have covered on a standard road bike and the calories burned during your training (if you are using the chest strap) is displayed here.
The calorie estimate is calculated using your instantaneous heart rate (measured as you pedal), your ambient heart rate (calculated before beginning your workout), your age and your weight.

How to use it

To light the display, just press any button and then start your workout by pressing Play.
If you would like to take advantage of all of the features offered, configure the console with your personal data and use the ANT+ heart rate band.
It only takes a few seconds to enter all the parameters about you and synchronize the heart rate band with the receiver.

In order to find out more about the settings and learn how to use Wireless Console, download the user manual.



Buying Wireless Console

Do you already have a Group Cycle?

You can easily mount a Wireless Console on every Technogym Group Cycle bike model (belt or chain).

Don't have a Group Cycle?

Whether you need it for home or the gym, the first thing to do is to learn about all the benefits and indoor cycling training options because the Wireless Console can only be used on Technogym Group Cycles.

Contact us to learn more.

Group Cycle Wireless Console

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