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Wellness Ball - Active Sitting

Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting


CharacteristicsRecommended for people up to 66 inches (170 centimeters) in height

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CharacteristicsRecommended for people taller than 66 inches (170 centimeters)

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Discover a new way to exercise while sitting with Wellness Ball™ Active Sitting*, your new dynamic ballchair.

*Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting is not a chair: it is a piece of gym equipment.

To help make the time you spend sitting down active, we devised Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting, the new dynamic chair that allows you to exercise when you are at work, at home, or anywhere else you may be.

Wellness Ball™ now allows for a truly "Active Sitting" lifestyle. Simply, Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting helps you improve your posture and perform countless exercises to strengthen your muscles and increase balance.


Safe, stable and comfortable, it is suited to everyone and helps maintain correct posture.

A dynamic chair for training  even while seated.

Accessible from any device, the Technogym Trainer app allows you to customize your own training programs for Wellness Ball™ Active Sitting.


Benefits of correct posture, muscle toning and strengthening

Using Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting when you are at work, at home and in any other situation when sitting, helps you maintain correct posture, helps to reduce the risk of back problems and, at the same time, works to improve your overall general health.

With Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting, your back performs a series of micro-movements that improve the spine-stabilizing action of your abdominal and lumbar muscles, known as the CORE muscles

Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting also allows you to effortlessly perform stretching, muscle strengthening, toning and elongation exercises in a small space.

Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting characteristics

Double density, increased safety

Inside the Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting is a simple, yet innovative component, patented by Technogym: double density.

This dynamic chair is heavier at the bottom which allows Wellness Ball™ to provide greater stability and comfort, in any situation.

The cover offers comfort and functionality

The cover, which is included with the Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting, is an integral and functional component. it is made of a breathable material with antibacterical technology and it can be mashine washed at 86°F, to guarantee the greatest comfort and hygiene.

The base of the cover is coated with non-slip material and the zipper allows you to easily remove the cover in order to make sure it is properly inflated. When the zipper is fully extended, the Wellness Ball™ is inflated to the correct pressure.

the practical handle allows for effortless transportation and correct positioning. You can personalize Wellness Ball™ by writing your name on the label sewn onto the handle.
The handle, zipper and non-slip base are covered by the Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting design patent.

Interactivity, thanks to the handle on the cover

The handle on the cover displays a QR code  which allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to access training programs specifically developed for Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting in collaboration with doctors and spine specialists.

When you access the app, you will be asked  to answer a few questions regarding the state of health of your spine so that we can provide you with the exercises best suited to you. Due to the ability to synchronize the training program with your Outlook agenda,  the Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting app can become your personal trainer by creating regular weekly appointments and motivating you with exercise suggestions.

Design and materials

The Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting design has earned it the recognition of a design patent, while its components and materials, first and foremost its Nautical Nylon zip and its cover, are made entirely by Italian manufacturers.

As proof of the care and attention typical of  Made in Italy products,  this dynamic chair is made in extremely high quality PVC and does not contain Phthalates and Latex that are potentially harmful to your health.

How to prepare it and use it

Choose from two different sizes of the Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting: 

  • 21 inches diameter: recommended for people up to 67 inches in height;
  • 25 inches diameter: recommended for people taller than 67 inches.

The nylon zipper on the cover helps you to inflate the ball to the right pressure without the risk of inflating it too much.
Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting is ready for use when the zip is completely taut.

Your position on Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting is also very important for obtaining all the benefits.
The illustration below shows how to sit correctly on the ball.


What you will find in the pack

When you buy Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting, you will receive a pack containing:

  • a cover
  • A pump to inflate the Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting
  • The folded Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting
  • A Quick Start Guide to get you started
  • A user manual

What are you waiting for? Buy your new dynamic ball chair now!

Download the Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting Catalogue.

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They play the leading role in keeping control of both static and dynamic posture.
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CharacteristicsRecommended for people up to 66 inches (170 centimeters) in height

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CharacteristicsRecommended for people taller than 66 inches (170 centimeters)

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