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      • PosteriorA new way to stretch. The machine enables a soft and progressive lengthening of all posterior chain muscles with variations on the level of engagem



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A new way to stretch.

The machine maintains the correct alignment of the spine and core while providing a modulated lengthening of the anterior muscles of the trunk and lower limbs. Comfort, stability and easy access ensure that ANTERIOR is suitable for all types of users and most beneficial to those who sit for long lengths of time.

Key Features:

Patent Pending

The FLEXability™ line owes its unique performance and results to an innovative technological system, the SELFLEX (patent pending). This system, which has been exclusively developed by Technogym, enables users to gently modulate the extent of muscle elongation by the gradual and proportional intervention of their own weight, thereby avoiding potentially dangerous situations.

Superior Results in Less Time

The FLEXability™ line of equipment works on the main muscle groups of the lower body and trunk. Compared to traditional stretching, working on the main muscle groups maximizes the effectiveness of the stretch and reduces the duration of the exercise to achieve optimal benefits.

Visual Feedback

FLEXability™ incorporates an integrated feedback system that measures flexibility and helps monitor progress and results to keep users motivated.

Safety Brake System

Each machine is equipped with a brake system that ensure the setting position is maintained during exercise. This safety mechanism allows users to relax and stretch effectively. The brake system also enables users to switch the exercise mode - progressing gradually from the static to the active-assistive mode.


The FLEXability™ line users "Memory", an innovative padding material with a filling that molds to an individual's body shape. The material is used for all upholstery on the equipment.

Angle Stretch Regulation

The Anterior machine leg platform features three different stretching angles: 0°, 20° and 45°. These different angle expand the range of exercise and increase lengthening options for thigh muscles.

Easy to Move

Both Anterior and Posterior are equipped with an integrated wheel system that makes it easy to move to make space for other equipment or activities.

Fitness Facilities

Effectiveness of FLEXability™ Method
The FLEXability™ range enables an initial assessment of flexibility and a continuous monitoring of improvement. The comprehensive feedback helps motivate clients and prevent likelihood of dropout, offering users an easy, comfortable and quick approach to stretching.

Adds value to the stretching area
The FLEXability™ area makes stretching a uniquely relaxing and thoroughly effective experience, enabling you to run a profitable business with new offers, activities and secondary spending opportunities, differentiating you from your competitors.

Attraction and retention
The FLEXability™ range will help you reach out to and attract a diverse client base, including baby boomers, who are looking to improve flexibility, posture and functionality.
Let FLEXability™ also help your facility retain existing members by offering a simple and effective stretching tool.

Medical Centers

Treatment and prevention of back pain
The unique design of FLEXability™ equipment can help relieve back pain associated with muscle shortening.

Method and Measurements
Medical professionals can use FLEXability™ to assess and monitor a patient's progress.

Value for investment
Medical professionals can make more effective use of session time by providing a safe solution for independent pre or post sessions stretching.

Corporate Wellness

Easy solution

Stretch anytime. Sitting for long periods of time can lead to tight and sore muscles. FLEXability™ offers a safe stretching solution that provides a deep and thorough stretch that can be performed quickly and without the need to change clothes.

Stress management
The equipment offers the perfect solution to regain energy and to recover from the effects of long bouts of sitting.

Increased productivity
Help employees feel better and be more productive with regular stretching to relieve stress and tight muscles.

Spa, Hotel and Leisure

FLEXability™ products reduce muscular tension to promote long lasting relaxation.

Anti-ageing effects
Differentiating Product: Set your facility apart with a flexibility product unlike any other. Offer your clients a truly unique experience in relaxation.

New revenue streams
New Sources of Revenue: Expand your mind/body programming with FLEXability™ products. Add them to your existing treatments, or create new alternatives for your clientele.

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