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Kinesis® Personal Vision

Kinesis® Personal Vision

Technical Specifications

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A new design. A new movement. A new you.

Kinesis® is the first example of design furniture for training at home and in environments dedicated to psychological and physical wellbeing.

Kinesis represents a return to the origins of human movement, as it helps the user rediscover basic motor skills: resistance, balance, strength and flexibility.

Kinesis® is a unique kind of training that re-establishes the correct balance between mind and body to improve quality of life.

The major innovation present in Kinesis is “Fullgravity”, a patented product inspired by nature and science, which aims to allow all types of users, needs and preferences to train with Kinesis.

The characteristics of Kinesis Personal Vision


Thanks to this international patent by Technogym, movement knows no limits.

Its system of rotating pulleys allows the user to move at 360° with maximum fluidity.

The three handles located on the ALPHA, BETA and GAMMA positions make it possible to perform more than 200 exercises without having to make any adjustments to the equipment.

Basic movements can be used to train specific muscles (pectoral, dorsal, abdominal, buttocks, quadriceps); instead, with combined movements, different muscles are simultaneously and synergistically activated (front and rear kinetic chain, the muscles that stabilize the pelvis).

Quiet and safe

The resistance applied is regulated by a sophisticated, technological and patented innovation whereby a revolutionary system of forces gradually increases the resistance quietly, smoothly and in total safety.


The fine polished aluminium alloy arms supporting the cables are the product of Technogym’s technological expertise.

Each arm has three rotating systems, referred to as “pivots”, that the cable slides through during outward and return movements.

Not only are the pivots a highly attractive feature, they also absorb sound. The comfortable clear handgrip is magnetic and, in the rest position, can be attached to the pivots on the arms.


The workload can be selected with one simple touch on the easy-to-use and appealingly understated interface.

In fact, all you have to do is turn the setting in the middle of the wall to see the resistance level, from 0 to 20, on the Soft Touch Digital Display.

Kinesis®: 200 exercises in 1 sq. metre*

The most all-round piece of equipment for home fitness or for use in dedicated personal wellbeing areas.

Kinesis® combines design and biomechanics with a special attention to its surroundings. The result is the first ever piece of designer furnishing providing more than 200 exercises in only one square metre (* 10,76 sq. feet).

When not in use, Kinesis® is extremely compact and can be easily stored anywhere.

Training with Kinesis Personal

Kinesis® is suitable for any type of user, from beginners to experts. It is the ideal unique, personalized training solution thanks to its versatility which allows the user to perform basic and combined movements.

Kinesis® helps improve user:

  • Strength
  • Resistance
  • Flexibility
  • Posture control

Different muscles can be worked by simply changing the working position.

Furthermore, with Kinesis® it is possible to complete stretching exercises and specific training activities based on the user's requirements.

It offers programs for wellbeing, sport and body toning, which offer a choice of five specific proposals at three difficulty levels based on the user's level of training.

Support for the use of Kinesis Personal

With Kinesis, the Kinesis Personal Guide will be delivered to your home. This includes a Manual, a Photographic Guide to the exercises and a DVD. This will ensure that you have all the information you need to use the product correctly.

Additionally, if you want to maximize the results of your training with Kinesis Personal you can rely on our Personal Training Services.

Discover over 500 functional training exercises on Wekinesis

Technical Specifications

  Kinesis® Personal Vision
Technical Specifications
Height (mm | in) 2100 | 82.68
Width (mm | in) 1700 | 66.93
Length (mm | in) 1150 | 45.27
Length (Folded) mm | in 454 | 17.87
Weight (kg | lbs) 280 | 617.29
Power requirement 220V- 110V
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Kinesis® Personal Vision

Kinesis® Personal Vision

Technical Specifications

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