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Top MD Inclusive

With Excite®+ Top MD Inclusive you can do cardiovascular training and strengthen the upper body in a way that is never boring and always effective.

With Excite®+ Top MD Inclusive you can work on the muscles in the upper body and do effective cardiovascular training at the same time.

In fact, you can choose from a wide range of different exercises, by simply changing the direction of the rotation or the length and height of the levers, and therefore the kind of motion.

This way, you can warm up, tone your body, prevent and remedy problems with your joints or improve your posture.

What's Excite®+ Top MD Inclusive like?

The biomechanics of Excite®+ Top MD Inclusive have been carefully studied to ensure that the equipment is safe and easy to use.
In fact, the product is fitted with:

  • a seat that can be easily removed with one hand and a built-in ramp that allows wheelchair-users to access the equipment;
  • two handgrips in a bright yellow color so the position of the arms can be changed during training, enabling the user to work on different muscles;
  • tactile numbers on the settings.

How to buy it

Excite®+ Top MD Inclusive is a professional product suitable for fitness facilities and medical facilities such as hospitals or rehabilitation centers. It is part of the Inclusive line, has 93/42/EEC certification and can also be used by the disabled or those with sensory or cognitive disabilities.

In addition to this product, the range includes twelve products: four for cardiovascular training, six dedicated to strengthening the muscles, and two for functional training.

To find out how to buy it, contact us or request a quote.

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