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Run MD Inclusive

Thanks to its new, additional features, the innovative Excite®+ Run MD Inclusive treadmill is a safe, user friendly piece of equipment for cardiovascular training.

With Excite®+ Run MD Inclusive, you can walk or run in a gradual, controlled way, perform effective, safe cardiovascular training in order to keep the heart and the joints in top condition and achieve specific training objectives, including slimming and toning.

What's Excite®+ Top MD Inclusive like?

The characteristics of Excite®+ Run MD Inclusive have been carefully designed to ensure that the equipment is safe and accessible.
In fact, the product is fitted with:

  • an acoustic signal with a reverse countdown from 3 to 1, that signals the start and the end of the exercise and is visible on the display;
  • side platforms in contrasting colors and indelible laser marks that are clearly visible on the belt, showing you when it is in motion and when it is stopped;
  • a red emergency button to stop the equipment;
  • raised icons on the Fast Track Control™ that enable the user to easily identify the commands for changing the intensity of the exercise.

How to buy it

Excite®+ Top MD Inclusive is a professional product suitable for fitness facilities and medical facilities such as hospitals or rehabilitation centers. It is part of the Inclusive line, has 93/42/EEC certification and can also be used by the disabled or those with sensory or cognitive disabilities.

In addition to the treadmill, the range includes twelve products: four for cardiovascular training, six dedicated to strengthening the muscles, and two for functional training.

To find out how to buy it, contact us or request a quote.

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