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Bike MD Inclusive

Accessible to all, Excite®+ Bike MD Inclusive is the vertical bicycle that allows you to perform cardiovascular training safely, regardless of your physical condition.

With Excite®+ Bike MD Inclusive you can perform effective cardiovascular training, and therefore reach specific training objectives, including slimming, toning, improving the muscles and strengthening the heart; you can also keep your joints constantly active, thereby preventing problems, or rehabilitate them after an accident or operation.

What's Excite®+ Bike MD Inclusive like?

The biomechanics of Excite®+ Bike MD Inclusive have been carefully studied to ensure that the equipment is safe and easy to use. In fact, the product is fitted with:

  • a seat that can be adjusted with one hand, and which helps you to rapidly select the correct position to be adopted when training commences;
  • pedals with easily adjustable safety straps, to ensure greater stability during movement;
  • tactile numbers on the seat settings and raised icons on the Fast Track Control™ that enable you to easily identify the commands for changing the intensity of the exercise;
  • additional accessory: a step to facilitate access to the product.

How to buy it

Excite®+ Bike MD Inclusive is a professional product that is suitable for gyms and medical facilities, such as hospitals or rehabilitation centers.

It belongs to the Inclusive line, has 93/42/EEC certification and can also be used by the disabled or those with sensory, cognitive or motor disabilities.

In addition to this vertical bicycle, the range includes twelve products: four for cardiovascular training, six dedicated to strengthening the muscles, and two for functional training.

To find out how to buy it, contact us or request a quote.

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