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Bike Forma

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Train in the same way as you would on a racing bike with the new Bike Forma.

Created in the gym and designed with new professional biomechanics, Bike Forma offers you the same sensation as cycling on a road and with the new Entertainment Support mounting system, you can train in the company of your iPad or iPhone.

Bike Forma™

Forma Training link and Forma Training App to access your contents and training programs on iPad*.

CPR, which adjusts the exercise parameters according to your heart rate

One handlebar, three different handgrips, and three different workouts

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The benefits of a workout with Bike Forma

By choosing Bike Forma for your physical exercise, you can do a full cardio workout and train for your cycling races.

With the CPR (Constant Pulse Rate) device and telemetric band supplied with the equipment, you can also do a workout based on a constant heart rate.

By following a programme based on your heart rate, you can train within your capabilities and create a gradual training programme that increases your stamina and improves your performance.

Equipment characteristics

You and your content, everywhere every time

The Entertainment support enables you to secure your tablet to the display. By downloading the Forma Training App to access your favorite content, your training programmes and your results, which are transmitted directly from the equipment to your iPad via Bluetooth with the Forma Training Link.

Thanks to the Bluetooth Forma Training link, you can connect your tablet to the training equipment, monitor your results from various devices and save them in your account. This will allow you to keep a constantly updated training diary and manage your wellbeing wherever you are. Forma Training Link is optional with Forma line and can be bought separately if you already have a Forma product with Entertainment Support.

Even more realistic cycling

Bike Forma has been designed to reproduce the same cycling as on the road. The distance between the pedal axles has been reduced just as it is on racing bikes.

Elbow rests and seat for a comfortable workout

The adjustable ergonomic seat adjusts to your anatomic curves and the built-in elbow rests are made of high density material that guarantees a pleasant contact even in the racing position.

One handlebar, three different workouts

Its handlebar with three different handgrips offers you different types of workout with varying degrees of intensity: from the classic city bike to the racing bike.

New display makes it easy to use

The new Bike Forma display, which is the same as the other products in the line, is intuitive and easy to use.

The buttons are large and clearly visible whereas the main functions are all grouped together in the bottom part of the display.

Training services

My Trainer

My Trainer is Technogym’s very own digital personal training service that provides you with comprehensive, tailored training solutions that are instantly delivered on line. You can get immediate access to training programs for weight loss, toning or to help you with your sports training. You can also design your own customized programs completely free of charge. This is available with all Forma equipment without additional costs.

Technical Specifications

Electrical power supply: Standard power supply system with cables for connection to the main electricity.
Available for models: 700 Visioweb, 700, 500

Wireless power supply: Self Powered (SP) is a cordless power system which does not require power supply cables.
Available for models: 700 SP, 500 SP

Telemetry: this is a wireless strap worn around the chest, next to the skin. It allows constant interaction between user and machine, and can be used to create workout programs or to carry out specific tests.
Available for all models.

Dual Hand Sensor: The “hand sensors” are plates positioned on the handles; they can be used to take heart rate readings. They provide information, but cannot be used to create programs or carry out tests. They only work when touched.
Available for models: 900 VISIOWEB, 900, 700 VISIOWEB, 700.
  Bike Forma
Technical Specifications
Forma Training Link
Forma Training App
Difficulty Levels 1 - 12
Minimum Resistance at 70 rpm 30
Maximum Resistance at 70 rpm 350
Height (mm | in) 1340 | 53
Width (mm | in) 600 | 24
Length (mm | in) 1180 | 46
Weight (kg | lbs) 61 | 135
Power supply 90 - 264 VAC
Energy Consumption 50 VA
Maximum user weight (kg | lbs) 160 | 352
Power requirement Electric
HR Monitoring Telemetry
Goal training Time, distance, calories
Available Programs CHR, training by profile, manual training, tests
Min - Max user height (cm | ft) 155 | 205
User Manual
Maintenance Kit
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Request a quotation

Bike Forma

In this case, when beginning the workout users set their maximum heart rate (which must not be exceeded) and the equipment adjusts the rhythm, speed and running slope based on the heart rate detected in real time during training.
Biomechanics is the science behind the creation of a piece of equipment or a machine. Through a choice of adjustments, height, and length, the proper use of biomechanics helps users to perform exercises correctly in terms of posture, balance, and safety.
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