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You need Flash player 8+ and JavaScript enabled to view this video.

Have you ever thought what it would be like to be able to connect to the internet while working out in the gym on a bike or treadmill?

This is already possible: VISIOWEB is an interactive display available on the Excite®+ cardiovascular equipment or on the Run Personal VISIOWEB home treadmill. If you are a gym user or own a gym, discover how you can make the best use of an average 20 minutes of training:

technogym visioweb

20 minutes of web, social networking, news, and TV

VISIOWEB lets you browse the web, update your Facebook and Twitter accounts or access the contents of your iPod, iPhone or other multimedia USB devices all while you train. If you're doing a more intense workout, such as high-speed running on a treadmill, then you can watch TV, learn more about the exercises you are doing or discover the latest news about your gym.

20 minutes to grab your clients' attention

If you own a club, VISIOWEB is a great way of communicating with your clients. Often times, gyms will stock notice boards with multiple sets of leaflets and important information that no one has time to read. The Communicator software, available through VISIOWEB, eliminates the need for wasteful paper and increases communication between gym operators and users by allowing the gym operator to quickly create and send messages, surveys, promotions, and programs as well as receive direct feedback from the users.

VISIOWEB while you train

Features of VISIOWEB:

Browse the Internet

The Web application lets you connect to the internet, just as if you were at home. You can access your favorite social media sites, read the daily news online or check your email.

Watch TV

If you're training and want to keep your hands free, you have a choice of 200 digital and analog TV channels.


During less demanding training sessions, clicking this button provides access to games such as Backgammon and Solitaire.

Use iPhone or iPod

You can connect your iPod or iPhone to the machine via the special dock on the left hand side. You can charge your device, listen to music, watch videos and record your training on your Nike+ Gym App without having to use the shoe sensor. VISIOWEB supports all iPhone models from the third generation and all iPod models from the fourth generation (newest updates from Apple required).

VISIOWEB for club owners

If you own a club, VISIOWEB offers you a genuine tool with which to promote your business. Besides entertaining your clients, you can also use VISIOWEB to communicate with them, grabbing their attention while they train. Check out what you can do:



By installing the Communicator software on your club PC, you can create messages and surveys or publish class schedules and promotions which can then be sent to appear on every VISIOWEB screen in the club. You can also receive feedback from your clients.

Show clients your favorite sites

VISIOWEB lets you decide which sites you want to include in your “Favorites” section. Need some ideas? Some examples include your gym's website, websites of brands that you promote, partner organizations or sites offering tourist information for your guests.

Promote your club even when the equipment isn't being used

When the equipment isn't being used, the screen can host an image or play a short video. You can choose to play a tailor-made video to promote your gym, a TV channel or display a logo.

You can replace the LED display of all our Excite®+ cardio machines with VISIOWEB. Just contact us or request more information.

Watch our Webcast about Visio!


The following options appear on the VISIOWEB screen after turning on equipment:

  • - Training statistics: time, calories and distance (on the upper band), difficulty level, speed and power (on the lower band);
  • - The TV, Games, Guide Me, Club and Web applications (on the right hand side).

Just tap the screen to access each application.
For example, clicking on "Web" opens a new page with all the gym's favorite websites.
Each screen contains eight sites.
As well as being easy to use, the display doesn't tire your eyes and offers a zoom function (A+ or a-) to enlarge or shrink text and graphics.

What are the side arrows?

The arrows at each corner of the screen hide the menus, so only the information you want to see is visible at any one time.

What do I need to do if I use the mywellnesskey system?

If you use the mywellnesskey system remember to insert it before you begin training. You can access the contents of your portable device - your training, progress and recommended exercises - at any time by touching the appropriate icon on the screen.

How do I write with VISIOWEB?

To write with VISIOWEB you just need to touch the area in question, such as the username and password fields for your Facebook account, and an on-screen keyboard will appear. Don't forget to bring your headphones or to ask your trainer to borrow some, so you can listen to the radio, TV, and songs from your iPod or iPhone!

What connection do you need?

VISIOWEB requires a standard internet connection from your Provider.

How do I update the software?

Software upgrades are performed at your request by our technicians. How do you know if a software update is available? Visit our VISIOWEB page regularly to find out if a new version has been released.

What do you need to send content to all the VISIOWEB platforms in your gym?

To send content, you will need a computer on which the Communicator software is installed and a wireless network to connect all the machines in your club or chain together. Wi-Fi is standard on all VISIOWEB platforms.

Battery charging: VISIOWEB supports all models of iPod and iPhone. Song playback: VISIOWEB supports all iPod models from the 4th generation and all iPhone models from the 3rd. Video playback: VISIOWEB supports all iPod models from the 5th generation and all iPhone models from the 3rd. Nike+Gym: VISIOWEB supports the Nike+ application in iPod Nano models from the 3rd generation, in iPod Touch from the 2nd generation and in iPhone models from the 3rd generation. VISIOWEB does not support iPod Shuffle or first-generation models. All available software updates need to have been installed.
You don't need to use the shoe sensor when you use the Nike+ application as training statistics are transmitted to the app by your portable device. This means that if you want to use the treadmill with the iPod in the docking station, you don't need the shoe sensor because the treadmill records the training data onto the iPod itself.
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