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Why Technogym

We develop, plan and realize innovative systems for both physical and psychological well-being and for the improvement of people’s quality of life, through physical activity, a good diet and habits, to prevent the ailments derived from sedentary lifestyles.

Wellness is our Vision

For over 25 years our mission has been inspired by the unique philosophy of Wellness.

Wellness is Technogym’s way of life based on regular physical activity, a positive approach to life and healthy eating habits.

A Wellness lifestyle puts the focus back on people. It allows them to create the best conditions to satisfy their needs for wellbeing and using creativity and potential resources.

Wellness offers everyone a great opportunity: governments are given the chance to improve the health of the population and therefore reduce expenditure on health care, private companies can increase productivity levels and motivation, and individuals can improve their lifestyle as well as the health of the planet.

That’s why we at Technogym® are naturally committed to conjugate business and social responsibility enhancing life quality standards for individuals, the community and the environment.

Our social commitment is integral part of our Vision, which focuses on Wellness as an opportunity for development for each person and for the whole community.

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Innovation & Technology

From the outset in 1983, innovation has always been our guiding principle. Thanks to its innovative solutions, Technogym has redefined the reference standards on the market in terms of biomechanics, ergonomics ...

Total Quality

Total quality is the expression of our approach to work and life that manifests itself in every aspect of what we do: the production process, attention to each individual client and eco-sustainable practices ...


Medical & Scientific Research

Every product and solution is backed up by the work of our Scientific Medical Area - a team of experts that develops safe and effective products for everyone.


We focus on design applied to products, interfaces and environments. And we do so by placing people at the heart of all our projects. The heart of our design idea always focuses on people, the people ...


Our strength leis in the people who follow, support and choose us every day. From staff to architects by way of doctors, athletes, personal trainers and celebrities.

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Copyright Warning

Companies who copy and sell non-original Technogym products jeopardize the safety of clients. This page provides an overview of the legal regulations governing our operations.

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