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OMNIA™ for new functional training

OMNIA™ is the effective solution to support the growth of your functional training and personal training business.

OMNIA™ is a new functional training offer that maximizes members' interaction. As suggested by the Latin origin of the word ("all things"), OMNIA™ offers infinite possibilities in all kinds of training modalities - strength, endurance, stability, flexibility, coordination and speed - and satisfies the widest range of user needs, abilities, and aspirations.

Powerful tools for training and business success

OMNIA™ includes all ingredients for a successful functional training offer; pre-made programs for small groups, innovative products and accessories, accessory storage, unique flooring patterns and an extensive educational program to support the growth of your functional training business.

Small group training offer

OMNIA™ offers an innovative small group training program. These programs are renewed on a regular basis, with  new programs being delivered every three months via the Technogym mywellness® cloud.

The pre-made programs are designed by world class experts in close cooperation with the Technogym scientific research department in order to ensure engaging exercises characterized by the Technogym ability training system, an interactive organizational format and the ability to ensure top-level results for the users.

Style and design

The unique Technogym style is clearly expressed in the non-intimidating character of the product. OMNIA™ has been designed to appeal to both more and less experienced users . Its clean look and clear line of sight also  allows the trainer to easily observe all users during workout.

The Technogym flooring patterns – with multiple designs available - support the trainer in class organization and maximize equipment usage.

Modularity and compact footprint

OMNIA™ is available in two versions: the freestanding OMNIA8 is designed for group training for up to eight users, and  the wall-mounted version OMNIA3 for up to three users, ideally for smaller spaces or multipurpose areas within a facility.

All tools and accessories can be attached in a modular way due to the intuitive set-up system, which is  made up of multiple omni-pivots - integrated 360 rotating connection points - and the omni-rail, to set the height of the omni-bar and to attach generic hooks and J-hooks.

Standard and optional accessories available

OMNIA™ includes omni-bar, a height adjustable bar allowing easy progression of exercise difficulty; height adjustable hooks to connect the sleeved elastics and integrated straight and multi-angle pull-up bars.
In addition to the accessory starter pack, an accessory group pack is also available.

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