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mywellness® key: movement is the key to wellness

The data from the World Health Organization are clear: cardiovascular diseases due to sedentary habits, poor diet, and smoking are associated with the deaths of 17 million people every year. It wouldn't take much to reduce this situation: authoritative studies show that just 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by over 40%.

Awareness of the importance of physical activity as a powerful preventive tool is spreading rapidly: people are becoming more and more aware that in order to stay healthy they have to get moving! But the real problems are motivation and consistency.

This opens up a significant business opportunity for gyms: they can play a crucial role in identifying the needs of their clients, helping them become more active, motivating them and monitoring them, not only during their training session inside the facility, but by becoming lifestyle consultants who can act as guides on the path to good health.

mywellness® key: activate your life

mywellness® keyis a portable device that measures daily activity at home, at work, at the gym, and in your free time.

Whether the activity performed is a simple stroll or a focused workout, the mywellness® key provides immediate visual feedback on accumulated daily movement. Managing your daily activity needs has never been easier!

How to use it

mywellness® key sets daily movement goals based on lifestyle and personal parameters. The index that measures daily movement could only be called by one name: Move.
The "Move" is associated with vertical acceleration of the body, which in turn correlates with energy expenditure.

The greater the intensity of movement, the higher the Move score will be. Therefore, the more Moves shown on the mywellness® key display, the more motivated you'll feel to get moving and chase down your goals (shown by the + symbol).

You can also get a broader view of all movements made throughout the day by downloading and managing your activity through Technogym’s online portal: You can also share your progress with other users, and even start competitions with friends and colleagues.

What you can achieve

mywellness® key plays an important role for people trying to manage or lose weight, stay healthy and active, and enjoy wellness.
Using it in your daily life will help you feel motivated and supported to move more and more often. You'll have a greater awareness of your lifestyle, notice an improvement in your physical condition, and enjoy a general level of wellness that only movement can deliver.

In recognition of all its characteristics, mywellness® key received the "Health Innovation" award at FIBO 2011, an international fitness, wellness, and health fair held every year in Essen, Germany.

Would you like to learn more?
Download the catalog here and watch the video tutorial to find out how the mywellness® key works

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