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Vario & Kinesis® Stations

At the 31st edition of the IHRSA International Convention, Technogym will have a leading role as it presents unique solutions for businesses and introduces innovative products to the American public and the whole world.

Held at the Los Angeles Convention Center this year, the IHRSA International Convention is the most important event in the world for the fitness industry and is held every year at a different location in the United States.

Among many of the exciting products that will be released, Vario will make its official debut on the American market at the IHRSA Convention.

The following describes the exclusive features which have made the elliptical stride of Vario one of the most appreciated pieces of equipment by more than 2,000 fitness facilities all over the world*:

1) More intuitive, with the self-adaptive-movement. Walk, run or step with Vario. For the first time it is not the user that adjusts to the motion already set on the machine, but it is Vario which adapts to the pace of the person using it for true freedom of movement.

At whatever height it is used, the user will find the ideal pace without effort and without having to adjust the machine. Vario has been adapted for users between 55 to 83 inches tall and up to a weight of 350 pounds.

2) More innovative, comfortable and safe. Vario is more advanced compared to traditional cross-trainers and more comfortable than treadmills. The user can change the type of movement - walk, step, elliptical or run - without having to stop exercising or removing their foot from the footboard. Vario provides less impact on the knees and feet because there is no contact with the ground.

3) More effective and less tiring. With Vario it is possible to burn up to 200 calories in 20 minutes because all the muscles of the body are involved including legs, arm, abdominals, shoulder and buttocks.The physical activity is intense, but the perception of fatigue is minimal because it is the user who adjusts the movement of the equipment to his or her own pace.

4) More complete. The connection between pedals and handles and their simultaneous motion allows the arms and legs to be part of a rhythmic motion. Naturally, you can choose to exercise only the lower part of the body by simply running or holding the fixed side supports.

5) More fun and engaging for everyone. Because of its ease and versatility, a wider variety of users are able to use Vario.

Download the Vario Business Guide and discover how to improve the business of your fitness facility with Vario!

For the second year in a row, the Kinesis® Stations will be the point of reference for functional training at IHRSA.

Here is why for three simple reasons:

1) Maximum technology and simplicity of use. The Kinesis® Stations combine the benefit of functional strength with the simplicity of more traditional equipment which facilitates a more free and natural exercise experience.

Thanks to the exclusive and patented Full Gravity™ Technology, anyone can perform simple and natural movements against a resistance that is variable in relation to the breadth and angle of the range of motion.

2) More attraction and retention. New customers will be attracted to the captivating Kinesis® Stations. Just start moving because the ergonomic handle is always ready to be used and does not need to be set or adjusted.

As a result of the wide variety of exercises and options that Kinesis® Stations provides, both expert and non-expert users will be able to easily craft training programs and use the equipment to its full potential.

3) Extraordinary source of additional revenue. Kinesis® Stations is a bridge that connects the traditional concept of strength training and personal training, thereby prompting operators in the development of new business opportunities.

Now, personal trainers and fitness facility owners can involve their members more easily in a new and worthwhile training experience.

Request the guide to the Kinesis® Stations free of charge.

* Technogym business customers who have chosen Vario by 12/31/2011

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