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Technogym introduces WELLNESS ON THE GO at IHRSA 2014

The revolutionary vision for the Industry allowing operators to shape new and tailor made business models by managing their member's activities inside and outside the club.

At IHRSA 2014 Technogym will introduce WELLNESS ON THE GO. With the WELLNESS ON THE GO offer, Technogym is the only company in the industry connecting the most revolutionary fitness equipment with a wide range of consumer mobile devices, apps and movement tracking.

Operators will be able to track, manage and leverage their member lifestyle to evolve their business model by intercepting a new customers base and selling new products and services to the existing ones.

In order to deliver WELLNESS ON THE GO, Technogym has developed a complete ecosystem including:

  • UNITY™ , the only Android 4 based console;
  • mywellness® cloud the first cloud computing platform in the industry;
  • mywellness® app a dedicated app to allow operators to be in touch with their members inside and outside the club;
  • ARTIS® and EXCITE equipment ranges;
  • Compatibility with the major tracking devices and apps.

UNITY™ is the first Android 4 based console for cardio equipment available both on ARTIS® and Excite ranges. UNITY™ allows end users to log in and to find their own world: apps, social networks, personal training program, games, training data track record, web bookmarks, music, TV channels etc.

UNITY™ is an open platform with a wide range of APIs provided to developers, giving the opport UNITY™ to third parties, including club operators, to design their own apps that work in the Technogym equipment.

UNITY™ integrates seamlessly with the most popular content apps including social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc), games, music & entertaitment (You Tube, Spotify, Amazon Kindle, Vimeo, etc) and travel (Tripadvisor, Google Maps) and many others.

mywellness® cloud is the Technogym cloud computing platform connecting consumers, operators and trainers in a seamless digital and premium environment. The platform includes specific consumer and commercial apps for end users, operators and trainers.

mywellness® app is the new app allowing operators to be in touch with their clients inside and outside the club. It makes their members workout experience more personal, fun and effective by enabling them to manage their training program, track their results and access data on the go via their mobile devices.

Moreover mywellness® app allows users to consolidate in one app, data coming from their favorite mobile apps and tracking devices. As of today mywellness platform is seamlessly integrated with RunKeeper, MapMyFitness and Strava apps, as well as Fitbit and Withings fitness tracking devices.

PRESCRIBE App is the commercial app specifically designed for trainers. It allows them to easily monitor on their tablet, while working in the gym floor, all members exercise data and provide them first class service with highest level of productivity in the market.
PRESCRIBE App comes with a library of over 5.000 exercises and 2.000 programs on top of the personalized exercise that each trainer can upload with the tablet camera.

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