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What operators are saying about mywellness® Cloud

Comprised of a series of seven unique applications and integrated cloud technology, the mywellness® Cloud from Technogym delivers an engaging, web-based ecosystem centered around the fitness facility, members, operators and Technogym equipment.

Information and engagement of the apps are accessed in real-time through the VISIOWEB display on Technogym equipment, iPad, smart phone or computer.

As a result, these apps allow operators to learn relevant information about members, effectively manage facility assets and offer innovative ways to increase revenue while the members benefit through a more personalized and tailored technology-supported Wellness experience.

Just like each individual, each fitness facility has varying goals and ambitions in which to manage the facility. So, whether using all of the apps or just a few, here are a few comments about the use of mywellness® Cloud apps from operators in North America:


Lara Newman – Pelican Athletic Club

"We have been utilizing Aspiration Finder [Profile App] for both new member recruitment and for our current members.

Aspiration Finder [Profile App] has encouraged our existing members to reengage in our club and our programming based on their aspirations as their needs and goals have shifted over time.

It [Profile App] has been helpful with planning our programming and has helped with members to get more involved in different areas of the club. But, I have mostly seen the success through retention!"

Ryan Conover – Miramont Lifestyle Fitness

"We knew that the Aspiration Finder [Profile App] would provide differentiation from our competitors in the area and we knew it would deliver a superior member experience and inspire our members with results.

We launched the program at our Central Club in September of 2011. A comparison of Q4 of 2011 to Q4 of 2010 shows that our member retention improved by 27%.

This [Profile App] is a very worthwhile program. Our personal training revenue at the Central Club has improved by $12,000 per month over this time last year. We attribute this to a combination of the Aspiration Finder program and having a dedicated Fitness Adviser to ensure that the program is consistent.

Not everyone realizes their true motivations on the surface. These motivations are often rooted in the subconscious. This is where the Aspiration Finder program comes into play perfectly by helping both the member and gym operator better under the fitness landscape of the gym. The Aspiration Finder [Profile App] takes the guess work out of knowing what a member wants."

Darcie Burde – University of Florida

"At the University of Florida we have adopted Technogym’s Aspiration Finder [Profile App] as part of our fitness assessment process. Using the client’s primary aspiration allows us to custom tailor the fitness assessment experience based on the aspiration."


South Shore YMCA

"[We use Communicator] as a source to get information out to our 22,000 members. The advancement in the technology in Technogym is great.

It allows us to reach our members in a way that feels comfortable to them (text messages, emails, electronics, etc.). It [Communicator] allows the 22,000 members at our facility to feel a little more connected to the YMCA, the mission and importance of staying in the loop. It has had a positive impact on our YMCA as a whole."

Bree White – La Jolla YMCA

"We just started using the Communicator App at La Jolla YMCA in September and we are really enjoying its capabilities.

We are sending weekly department updates to the console for members to read as well as wellness challenges for our members. These include upcoming events, specialty programs and even healthy lifestyle tips.

We have over 5,000 members reading the Communicator messages each week and it is helping us to market our programs with little effort on our part. All in all, we have not even scratched the surface of what the Communicator App can do for us, but we are the right path and excited to see where it takes us next."


Shane Brown – UWHP Watertown

"We are using the mywellness® Cloud and the mywellness® keys to not only effectively track and prescribe exercise for users within our club, but outside as well. We are leveraging this technology in conjunction with some high level wellness initiatives with outside corporations.

This will allow us to track users who may never even set foot in our facility. This is without a doubt the technology of the future and we are excited to be using it as an integral piece of our system."


Pete Shattuck – Memphis YMCA

"Asset Manager is a good tool for preventive maintenance and reports."

Want to learn more? Watch our mywellness® Cloud video below or read more about mywellness® cloud.

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