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London 2012 Olympics

Technogym and the London 2012 Olympic Games: a great event under the sign of Wellness.

Thanks to the reliability of our equipment and the philosophy that has always guided our work, we have been chosen for the fifth time in succession as official Olympic Games suppliers.
The challenge this time is even more exciting because the London 2012 Games will be the first Wellness Olympics.

ARKE / Kinesis® ONE

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Wellness because, beyond the sporting event, the Olympics will be spotlighting the importance of physical exercise as a way of improving the quality of our lives. For the first time in history, not only the athletes, but all of us will be protagonists in a great event with a strong social significance.

The Olympics: a confirmation for us, a guarantee for you

"Achieving this important goal is a victory for the whole Technogym team. The London Olympics is a unique occasion for promoting Wellness as a social opportunity and for involving ever increasing numbers of people in physical activity"
Nerio Alessandri,
President of Technogym

Being chosen once again as official Olympic Games suppliers is a confirmation that we can continue to tell you that "you can trust us".

Our participation at the Olympic Games has always been a test bench for our technologies and an occasion to obtain our most valued feedback, that of the athletes. Advice and suggestions that permit us to constantly improve our solutions.

Our commitment to designing and creating reliable, high performance equipment, rewarded by the Olympic Committee, is the most important guarantee that we can offer you.

For you, this means the certainty of purchasing and using equipment whose high quality is appreciated by world champions.

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Our Olympics: history and figures

After Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Turin 2006 and Beijing 2008, we have arrived at our fifth Olympic Games.

Besides equipping the fitness centres in the Olympic Village for the Olympics and Paralympics, we will be supplying the equipment for the specific centres devoted to the 28 Olympic disciplines. With an overall total of 750 machines, including our equipment dedicated to cardio training like Excite®+, the lines for strength training like Pure Strength and Selection and our equipment for functional training like the Kinesis® Stations.

Additionally, there will be over 50 personal trainers selected by Technogym, made available to the athletes and ready to help and guide them in the use of equipment for the whole duration of the Olympic Games.

Technogym & London 2012: together under the sign of Wellness

  • Olympics figures
  • 205 national Olympics committees
  • 162 national Paralympics committees
  • 25,000 athletes
  • 20,000 media operators
  • 70,000 volunteers
  • 9 million tickets
  • 4 billion spectators throughout the world
  • 26 Olympic sports and 300 events
  • 20 Paralympic sports and 417 events

For the first time in history, the Olympics will be much more than just a major sports event: they will be the first Wellness Olympics.

In a world scenario in which growing sedentariness and unhealthy life styles are the prime cause of illness, an event of this importance provides an opportunity to advocate physical exercise and promote a healthy culture of movement that can make everyone more efficient at work, in sport and in their everyday lives.

The United Kingdom, with its Our Greatest Team campaign, has already decided to invest in a healthier country, involving the population in programmes and activities to foster movement, health and the importance for everyone to improve their lifestyle.

A small step towards a world where, besides making people feel better, governments will be able to reduce healthcare costs and companies will be able to count on healthier and more motivated employees.

These values are those that have always guided our company in creating products and taking part in campaigns like Exercise is Medicine. This is why we are even more proud to take an active part in the London 2012 Olympics.

Visit the official Olympic Games website. 

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