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For over 25 years we've endeavored to spread the culture of healthy living and good shape around the world. Find out who we are and what THE WELLNESS COMPANY™ means.

Vision and a total commitment to promoting Wellness, a better lifestyle through regular physical activity, healthy diet and a positive mental approach, have been the ethos of Technogym® for over 2 decades. All around innovation, a Total Wellness Solution™ and the founding philosophy of fusing business with social responsibility set Technogym, THE WELLNESS COMPANY™ apart.

President and founder, Nerio Alessandri, developed his first fitness equipment in his garage in 1983 at the age of 22. Technogym is today a leading company in the Wellness and Fitness field with over 2,200 employees, 14 branches in Europe, U.S., Asia, Middle East and Australia. More than 65,000 Wellness centres are equipped with Technogym and 100,000 private homes all over the world.

Nerio Alessandri

From personally creating equipment and all the way through to the Olympics: the story of Nerio Alessandri - the Founder, President and beating heart of Technogym.

Mission, Vision and Strategy

We imagine a future in which everyone can achieve their own well-being. This is the goal we pursue day after day.


Our history

Ever since we created our first machines in a Technogym Village garage, we have been focusing on on-going improvement and evolution. Discover our successes and the innovations we've introduced into the ...

The markets we serve

Technogym is present in over 100 countries around the world and over 35 million people use our products 30,000 Clubs & Public Authorities Unlike other business models – traditional ...

Technogym Village

The Technogym Village represents an ecosystem where inspiration, work and life thrive together through innovation, sharing of new ideas and scientific research. The Technogym Village has been developed ...

Wellness Foundation

The Wellness Foundation supports all components involved with improving people's quality of life. The Wellness Foundation was founded in 2003 when Nerio Alessandri decided to put his knowledge, expertise ...

Wellness Valley

Transforming Romagna into the capital of well-being and healthy living: welcome to the Wellness Valley project. In 2002 Nerio Alessandri publicly laid down his challenge: namely that of transforming ...

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