Total peace of mind


Global Plus service contract is an all-inclusive service contract for the professional customer who wants to maintain the highest degree of functionality while also protecting their investment. With Global Plus coverage you can forget about purchase orders for repairs, budget approvals and invoice management - your fee is fixed for the duration of the contract.

What are the advantages of the Global Plus service contract?

These include:

  • Maintenance of the highest possible equipment standard, thus maximizing the potential resale value.
  • Travel, labor and parts are included. This includes wear and tear items such as upholstery, treadmill belts and decks.
  • Preventive maintenance carried out by factory-trained technicians who know how to detect faults early on, optimizing the equipment's availability while maintaining it in perfect working order.
  • Payment options customized to meet your needs, with fixed payments to avoid unexpected bills.
  • Elimination of paperwork: no more purchase orders, approval processes or invoice management.
  • 24-hour access to the Technogym Direct online customer portal.

Note: Damage resulting from misuse or negligence is not covered under the terms of the contract. The availability of each option depends upon the country in which service is requested and the location of the nearest authorized service provider. Service coverage may be subject to certain restrictions. This contract applies to customers only. The full terms and conditions are available upon request. The terms and conditions attached to the contract supersede any statements made on this page.

Elements of the Global Plus Contract

Enhance the coverage of our manufacturer warranty with additional services. Choose the terms that best suit your needs. When you purchase a Service Contract, we take your existing warranty into consideration and reflect this in the proposal, charging only for additional elements.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Parts for repairinfo +
Travel & Laborinfo +
Preventive Mainteinanceinfo +
Service Level Agreementinfo +
Parts subjects to wear and tearinfo +

*Any damage caused by misuse or by accident is not covered under the contract. Not available to trade customers. Full T&C’s are available on request. T&C’s attached to the contract supersede any statement made in this page.