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Kinesis® all inclusive: a very successful business model in Active Life

The objective of the gym is to always provide to the clients the best possible services, in order to better their quality of life.

Some of the services are: outdoor fitness, Kinesis® courses, easyline courses, use of the wellness key for all members, as well as specialized nutritionist, children lounge, library, spa, restaurant.

The business model used for Kinesis® is based on free usage or with a personal trainer, but in either case it is included in the monthly quote. The trainings are prescribed by the specialized personnel. Additionally, and from time to time, there are group classes using Kinesis® and rehabilitation programs.

The club has seen various benefits from this business model, the most important ones being higher retention rate of the clients and higher rate of sale of personal trainings. They have discovered in Kinesis® an innovative and effective way of exercising and appreciate the value-added services provided by their club.

Beneficios derivados de servicio de PT – Aumento de número de clientes que utilizaron el servicio de PT. Kinesis® contribuyó mucho a ese aumento, ya que supuso un valor añadido.

Kinesis® is located in the fitness room, but decorated in such a way as to convey exclusivity and relaxation.

In order to sell Kinesis®, special leaflets were distributed to the clients at the reception and all the gym the staff was kept highly motivated in order to recommend its use to the customers.