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Most of the world’s population lives in countries where overweight and obesity kills more people than malnutrition.


And yet, non-communicable diseases related to physical inactivity have become a social and economic global issue. That’s why Technogym created Let’s Move for a Better World Campaign, in order to promote a more active lifestyle and help people enjoy a better life.

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Everyone Wins

Donate as many MOVEs as your members can give (max 2,000 per day per member). Everyone wins: your facility, your local community, your members and your trainers will achieve more engagement, visibility, opportunities, team spirit, visits and sales.

Every move we made

In the past edition of Let’s Move for a Better World, more than 122,000 participants in 513 worldwide facilities collected more than 400 million MOVEs, burning 170 million calories and losing 53,000 lb.

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