Marco Belinelli

The basketball champion chose the Italian company for avant-garde athletic training.

Marco Belinelli chose Technogym for cardiovascular training and high-level strength.

The basketball champion of the San Antonio Spurs and the Italian National Basketball Team is the first and only Italian to go down in sports history for having won the NBA title with the San Antonio Spurs and the NBA Three-point Shootout (the three point contest) at the 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend.
Athletic training plays a fundamental role for an athlete that makes physical strength-but also speed in playing-the winning card to play at his very best throughout the game, and above all in the last seconds, which often prove to be decisive.

And Belinelli chose ARTIS®, the revolutionary line comprised of 30 cardio, strength and functional products coordinated in terms of style, design, and developed centred around concepts of connectivity and eco-sustainability, and OMNIA™, equipment that offers infinite possibilities for strength, resistance, stability, flexibility, coordination and speed training.

Technogym outfitted an ad hoc gym at the Bolognese champion's house, equipped with the latest novelties, among which is the Personal line.