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Wellness Magazine

5 steps to get your beach body ready for the summer
Everyone wants to feel great and look great in their clothes. Establishing a wellness lifestyle and just moving to break out of the sedentary habits modern life instills in us is a perfect way to improve your health while losing weight so that you are ready for the summer weather…or any weather!
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Top 10 ways for runners to keep fit and healthy
Keeping active is fun, has numerous health and wellbeing benefits, and running is a low-cost way to do it. Maintaining your healthy and active lifestyle is important and there are many things that you can do...
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Below the belt - keeping your legs running fit
Running is a great way to keep fit and has numerous benefits, such as improved health, fitness and overall wellbeing. However, like all physical activities it is important to be aware of the risk of injuries...
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Below the belt – Support your running with healthy knees
As amazing as the human body is, it is still prone to injury. Taking part in any physical activity is obviously good for us; it builds strength and flexibility, and the stronger and more flexible we are the less likely we are to get injured.
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How to make a balanced diet a little bit super
Healthy lifestyle choices, coupled with a balanced nutritious diet, reduce the risk of many illnesses, disease and cancers.
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The smart way to exercise when you’ve time
You should probably already know that being physically active has numerous health benefits...
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