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Wellness Magazine

Cardio workouts – an essential tool for toning your body
A widely held belief is the idea that it is possible to have one element of fitness without the others. So for example, when someone thinks to themselves: "I need to get toned", they are probably looking for a workout that will provide well defined strong muscles. However, a toned body is a reflection of a fit and healthy body. Anyone with a body that looks "toned" or well-defined, will have worked on all elements of their fitness.
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Physical activity rehab for chronic lower back pain patients
Today, the good news is that if you suffer from chronic lower back pain you do not (and should not!) have to stop exercising. There are just so many inherent health benefits from a regular routine of physical activity.What’s more, many sports can still be a viable option if you are conscious of how you are using your back.
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Exercise and non-specific low back pain
Non-specific lower back pain is a common condition that results in significant impact on a person’s function and quality of life. Therefore it is important to identify management strategies.
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The language of exercise and fitness – understanding commonly used fitness terms - Part 2
The language that has grown up around exercise and fitness can seem quite daunting to anyone unfamiliar with these commonly used terms. Today many technical terms used to describe how the body responds to exercise are found in every day speech; not to mention the seemingly endless acronyms from ADLs to THRs.
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Top models, top secrets for a fit and healthy body: Fashion Week is here
If you are a supermodel, or even a rising star in the fashion world, a.k.a. the next top model, the fashion weeks of New York, London, Milan and Paris are the highlight of the year. Today, it is not enough to look super skinny, models have to look fit and healthy. Consequently, an ongoing exercise and fitness routine now plays a bigger part in a savvy model’s preparations for fashion shows rather than very restrictive crash diets.
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Get fit with Basketball
Basketball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. It is estimated that more than 450 million people globally play basketball either as professionals or for recreation, with almost 300 million in China. In Asia and Australia basketball has replaced football as the most popular sport. NBA basketball players are the highest paid sports professionals on the planet, and names like Jordan, Shaq, Kobe, and LeBron are almost immortal; acting as magnets for millions of young hopefuls wanting to share in the glory and fame.
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