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Wellness Magazine

A Healthy Way to spend Valentine’s Day with a Loved One
This Valentine’s Day break the habits and “norms”, and instead of going out for the traditional date (to the cinema or for a meal with your loved one) why not try something a little bit different? After all, you want to be with your loved one, you want to have fun together, and – let’s face it – you want to some spicy romance too, right?!
Injury Prevention & Marathon Training
A New Frontier for Training Programmes
The Athletic Performance Training revolutionise the future of working out. It bridges the gap between amateurs and professionals. The amateur athlete will now be able to successfully benefit from HIIT, resistance and functional training all at once,
SKILLMILL™ - Train like an athlete to look, feel and perform like an athlete
Power, agility, stamina and speed; these are the key attributes of all Olympic and elite athletes and sports professionals. They are the aspects strived for by those who are dedicated to fitness and / or improving their sporting performance.
What to do when you aren't in love… with your love handles!
Even if the rest of your body looks like a top 10 supermodel’s, if you have love handles then shifting that stubborn belly fat will be your number 1 fitness goal. In addition to looking and feeling good there are specific health risks associated with fat stored around the midriff.
Music will transform and improve your running
Long ago humans used to run to primarily hunt food. We would run and chase our prey (sometimes over extremely long distances) until it tired out. We would then take it back to our cave – carrying or dragging it along – and eat it. Indeed, our bodies are built to cover extremely large distances – about 30km per day – although thankfully we no longer have to run just to survive!

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