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Wellness Magazine

Stretching: the truth about relieving back pain
When it comes to maintaining a healthy, pain free back, suppleness and flexibility are as important as posture and strength. Stretching your back regularly can help keep your muscles flexible, the joints in your spinal column supple, help prevent injury, and also reduce lower back pain.
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Beet – Getting to the root of its nutritional benefits
The latest in a long line of newly discovered sports elixirs to grab the sporting community’s attention is beet juice, called beetroot juice in the UK.The beet’s recent elevation to a sports enhancing beverage is due to the very high level of nitrate found in the juice.
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The language of exercise and fitness – understanding commonly used fitness terms - Part 1
As our understanding of the body has grown, so to have the number of terms associated with exercise and fitness. When discussing any topic and particularly fitness related topics, it is important for everyone to use the same terminology. Otherwise, using terms in different ways can easily lead to a miscommunication or misinterpretation of the information.
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Coconut water – a sports drink made by Mother Nature
Coconut water, hailed as a miracle drink, is popular with celebrities, sports professionals, and the exercise and fitness community. Claims of its benefits range from aiding weight loss, giving individuals perfect complexions, curing hangovers, and reducing blood pressure to being the perfect sports and exercise recovery drink.
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Understanding and avoiding back pain
Your back is a complex structure made up of bones, muscles, nerves and joints. Your back provides support for your head and neck as well as your torso. Maintaining your back in a fit and healthy condition is crucial to being able to enjoy a fully active (and pain free) life.
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The New Technogym App – a win-win for both the haves and have-nots!
Technogym and the United Nations World Food Programme have partnered up at Expo Milano 2015 to launch an exciting way for the global community to feed the world’s hungry. The program uses today’s modern technology to redistribute food energy by exchanging movements for meals.
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