The OMNIA™ Range

MOVE, TRAIN, PLAY: Experience the world’s most versatile functional training concept. The OMNIA™ range brings people together in an active and interactive way to have fun whilst achieving training goals 

A turnkey solution for engaging functional spaces

OMNIA is a turnkey solution for functional and ability training which will transform your business thanks to its broad appeal to facility members and as a way of attracting new business. With its huge variety of functional exercise options, accessories, flooring layouts and adaptability to different ability levels, the OMNIA™ range brings people together in an active and interactive way to achieve results more easily whilst having fun. OMNIA™ allows you to create an engaging functional space and lets members explore their true athletic potential.

Unique to this range

The OMNIA range - Open and inviting design

Open and inviting design

OMNIA is a concept whose design will attract newcomers and less experienced users thanks to its reassuring style and unintimidating character.

The OMNIA range - Compact for smaller spaces

Compact for smaller spaces

Thanks to its modular design, OMNIA is a space-efficient solution for dynamic interaction and Personal Training sessions and compact enough even for a small functional corner in a club.

The OMNIA range - Brings active people together

Brings active people together

OMNIA brings people together in an active and interactive way. Engaging group sessions are ideal for motivating members to take part in club activities and achieve results more easily, having fun at the same time.

The OMNIA range - Innovative accessories, endless potential

Innovative accessories, endless potential

A wide range of tools and accessories are available to explore all areas of functional and ability training. Ranging from simple tools to more specific accessories, OMNIA will always find a way of appealing to all types of users and the intuitive set-up system makes it quick and simple to add and remove accessories.

The OMNIA range - A structured programme offering

A structured programme offering

Designed by world class experts in close cooperation with the Technogym Scientific Research Department, the OMNIA™ MOVE, TRAIN and PLAY programmes adopt the Technogym Ability Training philosophy based on a structured progression through different ability levels.

The OMNIA range - Functional Training app

Functional Training app

The Functional Training app is an extensive exercise library containing exercises for all functional activities including those devised for OMNIA™. Trainers can exploit these resources as a source of unlimited inspiration.

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