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ARKE, the new kit for functional training

Offer your clients complete functional trainingwith Arke, the new Technogym solution for functional training.

Optimising physical efficiency means training your coordination, stability, balance, flexibility, strength, speed, agility, responsiveness, and cardiovascular & respiratory capacity.
ARKE, the new approach to functional Ttraining, is based on a newly designed equipment kit and a method designed and guaranteed by the Technogym Scientific Center

Appeals all members

From beginners to advanced users, one-on-one or in small groups, ARKE is suitable for everyone because it's a training method that allows complete freedom of movement and involves all physical components, giving the best results with the support of a personal trainer.

What's new

ARKE is an equipment line divided into four categories, each identified by a colour and a name inspired by the four classical elements (air, earth, water, and fire), and is composed of traditional elements as well as a few that are unique of their kind. Here they are.

Water 8Ball is a tool consisting of two semi spheres joined together, and because it is filled with water it has an unstable mass that makes it very helpful in developing balance.

Pendulum consists of a shaft with holes located at different heights, to which a sphere is attached that serves as a weight. Thanks to the holes on the shaft, the sphere can be positioned at different heights, changing the resistance that the user must supply during movement.


Twin Club is a pair of clubs with a new fastening system that allows them to be used both together and separately. Combining the two clubs in different ways, the centre of gravity can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, achieving different training results.

Complete Range

The air category consists of equipment filled with air, making the equipment suitable for throwing and for performing exercises on an unstable surface. It includes the Wellness Ball™, Medicine Balls and Air Ball.

The earth category consists of Balance Dome, Kettle Blocks, Stability Disc, Balance Pad, and Foam Roller; these are all products used for performing exercises on the ground or with supports.

The water category includes equipment filled with this element, which makes the weight of the water balls and the Water 8ball dynamic and therefore unstable.

The fire category includes Pendulum and Twin Club, both suitable for warming up and strength training.

Download here the ARKE catalogue.


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