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Wellness Guide

How to choose a Wellness club

How to choose a club that promotes WellnessTo help you choose the right club, you should examine the following list item by item, and base your decision on these results. If in doubt, compare the facilities based on the requirements listed below. The club which ticks the most boxes, is most likely the best choice for you.

  • the instructors should have university qualifications;
  • the club should offerr a full selection of equipment, including machine for both muscle toning and aerobic training, and a suitable space for frestyle exercises and streching;
  • the instructors should monitor the members and motivate them to reach their goals;
  • the club should be able to offer the services of a personal trainer;
  • the club should offer its member ship educational opportunities regarding the foundamentals of wellness;
  • preferably there should be the option of a medical examination;
  • the instructors should provide guidance to the members during their initial sessions, explaing and demonstrating how to use the equipment;
  • equipment should be of a high quality and well-kept;
  • exercise areas should be well-ventilated;
  • the club should offer additional services such as rehabilitation and dietary advice;
  • the facilities should be spotless;
  • the showers and changing rooms should be spacious and comfortable.

The last piece of advice is to choose a Wellness centre that is open early in the morning, during lunch time, in the late afternoon and in the evening, so you will have a wide range of times to choose from. Why not take in a workout session before work or during your lunch break?