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Choose FLEXability for your home

The two FLEXability machines, Anterior and Posterior, are the products that Technogym has designed to help you while you stretch, after a workout session or in your spare time.

To accentuate and enhance the relaxation phase, we recommend that you should place the products in a special area of your home: a more secluded and quiet area where people are not constantly passing through.

Besides the correct positioning of the product, there are other factors to be considered when you plan and create a stretching area:

  • lighting, an essential aspect for the purposes of relaxation. It must be adjustable so that you can achieve low diffused and soft lighting;
  • including a number of decorative items such as plants, mirrors, carpets, pictures and posters will make the area more pleasant so that the time you spend stretching will be more enjoyable.

If the area is a totally separate room, so that you can purposely decorate it, we recommend that you use natural and warm elements to provide tactile and visual comfort.
Examples are wood of all kinds, natural stone, natural coloured leathers, natural fabrics such as hemp and linen.

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