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Wooden flooring for functional training

Using a wood flooring with functional training optimizes the efficiency of using natural body movements.

The term “natural” has truly inspired us to think about the most suitable flooring for functional training.

Wood is a natural material with features that make it ideal for applications in wellness environments.

Wood is also a high quality material that brings a touch of luxury and color, thereby creating a particularly pleasant environment.

One important feature is its ability to release and absorb water. This has a positive effect on air quality, thanks to the constant balancing of its own moisture level in accordance with the humidity of the surrounding environment. This is a significant consideration given the high sweat levels generated by physical activity.

Another important feature is its heat conductivity (second only to that of the air), which means floors are warm in winter and cool in summer. In terms of functional training, this guarantees optimal comfort during all exercises intended to be performed barefoot.

We should also add that wood is particularly beneficial during all these dynamic exercises by incorporating an element of reactivity: it offers excellent impact absorption (especially if installed as a floating floor), and is therefore of great benefit to the joints.