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Scott Bench

Element Essential Strenght

Product pluses:

Multi-functional bench for specific training of the arms using the barbell. Exercises are performed from a sitting position, with the arms resting on the slanted pad and the hands gripping the barbell (free weight accessory).

Recommended for:

  • Specific training of the biceps
  • Stability of the elbow joint
  • Specific training for the improvement of sports performance


Select your style

In addition to eight colour combinations available for ELEMENT+ equipment, ELEMENT+ benches additionally feature another five colour options to perfectly match with those used for Selection line equipment.

Technical Specs

  Scott Bench
Technical Specs
Length (mm | in) 1011 | 40
Width (mm | in) 780 | 31
Height (mm | in) 998 | 39
Total Weight (kg | lbs) 36 | 72
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Scott Bench

Select your style

Z. Light Brown
J. Red
W. Brilliant Green
Y. Brilliant Blue
M. Bordeaux
K. Aviation Blue
V. Black
AK. Grey
AL. Silver
BN. White
AN. Anthracite