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Lat Machine

Lat Machine Selection
The strength evolution continues

Product pluses:

Multi-functional equipment for performing a wide variety of upper limb exercises, particularly for the latissimus dorsi muscles. The exercises are performed by pulling the bar downwards. Different muscles of the trunk and arm are recruited depending on the position of the grip and whether or not the user adopts a sitting position. Resistance is provided by a weight stack which enables the workload to be adjusted to suit each type of user.

  • Innovative features for a classic machine
  • New bar design provides better grip and helps the user to place their hands correctly
  • Padded thigh-rollers allow users of different body sizes to quickly access the equipment
  • Flex-free elliptical frame

Recommended for:

  • User-friendly roller adjustment system
  • Training of the arms, trunk and latissimus dorsi muscles
  • Stability of the shoulder joint
  • Correction of muscle imbalance in the arms


  • Latissimus dorsi
  • Biceps
  • Rhomboids
  • Trapezius (Lower)


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SELECTION is available in fifteen different colour combinations and finishes to help you create a welcoming and personalised environment where your members are made to feel at ease.

Technical Specifications

  Lat Machine
Technical Specifications
Height (mm | in) 2285
Width (mm | in) 845 | 33
Length (mm | in) 1220 | 48
Weight Stack (kg | lbs) 100 | 200
Weight Stack Oversize (kg | lbs) 130 | 260
Frame Colours silver, black, white
Upholstery Colours bordeaux, red, brilliant green, black, light brown, brilliant blue, aviation blue
Front Weight Cover Colours grey
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Lat Machine

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Z. Light Brown
J. Red
W. Brilliant Green
Y. Brilliant Blue
M. Bordeaux
K. Aviation Blue
V. Black
AL. Silver
BN. White
AN. Anthracite