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Upper Back

Upper Back Selection
The strength evolution continues

Product pluses:

Specific product for building strength in the muscles of the trunk and upper back region. The exercise if performed along a guided trajectory, from a sitting position. It involves pulling the arms towards the chest, keeping the elbows high and grasping the handgrip on the two independent levers. Resistance is provided by a weight stack which enables the workload to be adjusted to suit each type of user.

  • The machine provides a natural trajectory for recruitment of all the upper back muscles
  • Shape of the arms allows users of different sizes to find an optimal range of motion with only a seat and chest pad adjustment required
  • The two arms have an independent action to increase coordination
  • Multi size grips ensure a proper fit for every user

Recommended for:

  • Specific training of thetrunk and arm muscles
  • Stability of the shoulder joint
  • Correction of muscle imbalance in the arms and trunk


  • Rhomboid
  • Deltoid
  • Biceps
  • Latissimus dorsi
  • Trapezius


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Technical Specs

  Upper Back
Technical Specs
Height (mm | in) 1485 | 58
Width (mm | in) 1145 | 45
Length (mm | in) 1190 | 47
Weight Stack (kg | lbs) 65 | 130
Weight Stack Oversize (kg | lbs) 95 | 190
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Upper Back

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W. Brilliant Green
Y. Brilliant Blue
M. Bordeaux
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V. Black
AL. Silver
BN. White
AN. Anthracite