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Element +

Arm Curl

Arm Curl Element +
Essential Strength

Product pluses:

  • Handles pivot to automatically accommodate varying forearm lengths.
  • Eliminating the elbow pads allows natural movement around the elbow and prevents overstretching the elbow.
  • The independent arms allow the exercise to be performed with either both arms together or with alternating arms and results in a more balanced strength improvement.

Recommended for:

  • Specific training of the biceps in the arms
  • Stability of the elbow joint
  • Correction of muscle imbalance in the arms


  • Biceps


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ELEMENT+ is available in eight different colour combinations and finishes to help you create a welcoming and personalised environment where your members are made to feel at ease.

Technical Specs

 Arm Curl
Technical Specs
Height (mm | in)1420 | 56
Width (mm | in)800 | 31
Length (mm | in)1390 | 55
Total Weight (kg | lbs)155 | 310
Weight Stack (kg | lbs)60 | 120
Weight Stack Plus (kg | lbs)80 | 160
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Arm Curl

Select your style

Z. Light Brown
Y. Brilliant Blue
M. Bordeaux
K. Aviation Blue
V. Black
AK. Grey
Frame / Guard
AN. Anthracite
AL. Silver
G. Flint Grey
AL. Silver
A. White
AL. Silver