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Kinesis® Stations

Offer your customers a more intuitive and varied workout. Help them to approach the world of personal training and functional movement with Kinesis® Stations.

Six stations focused on the same number of primary movements which allow for all-around functional workouts: the Kinesis® Stations form a new category of equipment with cables.

Incorporating FullGravity Technology, a technology that permits three-dimensional movements through space, the line is the answer to the needs of those who want functional training.

Free movements, no adjustment and double weight stack: because of these characteristics, this line provides a combination of strength training and functional training and is the right tool for encouraging your customers to utilize your Personal Training service.

Attract new customers and increase the loyalty of your current members with this innovative offer.

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Why choose Kinesis® Stations for your business?

To maintain your customers' motivation and attract new members

Kinesis® Stations interpret the need of a growing number of people who want to work out in a natural and varied way, with the certainty of obtaining benefits that are applicable to their everyday movements. If you choose to satisfy these needs, you can:

  • Keep your regular customers' motivation high by offering them a new kind of workout, made up of numerous, progressively challenging exercises which they can perform by themselves or with the guidance of a personal trainer
  • Attract new customers, including less experienced individuals, by offering them equipment that is easy to use and which combines the benefits of functional strength with the simplicity of natural and intuitive movements

To make the most of your Personal Training service

The people who are able to appreciate Kinesis® Stations are also a potential target to whom you can offer your Personal Training service.

Since they can be positioned in your fitness facility between the strength and functional training areas, Kinesis® Stations form an ideal point of contact between your members and the Personal Trainers.

To develop a Personal Training service

If you do not yet provide this service, Kinesis® Stations offers you an excellent opportunity to maximize your Personal Training services in your fitness facility for individual and group training.

What is the line like?

Kinesis® Stations comprises six different products – Press, Overhead Press, Low Pull, High Pull, Core and Step/Squat - which work on the body's primary movements.

With an elegant design and made from innovative materials, the stations are available with padding in a choice of six different colors so that you can coordinate them perfectly with the decor of your fitness facility, while still maintaining the style of the best Italian design.

Because of their limited size, individual stations can be lined up or placed back to back in island layouts that are ideal even for small spaces.

The line is also available in the EEC 42/93 certified version for use in the rehabilitation field.

Maximum freedom of movement

Using Full Gravity™ Technology, each station permits users to perform movements on three spatial planes (sagittal, frontal, transversal) and activate all of the body's kinetic chains.

The patented 360° rotating pulley system of cables allows users to perform all movements with no interference to their forearms from the cables, unlike all other traditional machines.

Intuitive movements

In order to make movements correct and natural, the handgrips of each station have a set positioning in space, thereby making the movements your customer may perform more intuitive, natural and safe.

Easy and immediate use

The customer can immediately start exercising because the ergonomic handgrip is always ready to use and needs no prior settings or adjustments.
All they need to do is grasp it because as they pull it, it adapts to their height.

Greater effectiveness

Separate control of the weight stack means that workouts are more effective because even alternate or reciprocal movements are performed with a constant workload.

How to purchase the line

If you think that Kinesis® Stations are suited to your needs and you just want to find out more about them, contact us.

Instead, if you need to create a broader project, write to us to make an appointment with one of our agents who, after examining your needs, will prepare a quotation suited to you.

You can purchase the equipment with easy terms. Each machine is guaranteed for two years from the date of delivery, with the exception of parts subject to wear (for example, cables, padding, rubber and plastic parts).

You can purchase the whole line or individual stations, thus finding the best solution for your space needs. Moreover, when you purchase Kinesis® Stations, you can make use of various promotion and training tools. Discover more.

Watch the Kinesis® Stations video:

Click here to watch the famous trainer JC Santana demonstrating the potential of Kinesis® Stations.

Tecnologia che consente di sviluppare movimenti tridimensionali basati sul proprio movimento naturale che permettono di sviluppare resistenza, coordinazione ed equilibrio.
Allenamento che permette di sviluppare quella forza muscolare utile per specifici gesti tecnici (nello sport) o movimenti quotidiani.
EEC 93/42: European Community law establishing the requirements for medical devices.

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