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Carefully designed biomechanics and safety of use: with Inclusive Line, cardiovascular and muscular training are now within reach for everyone.

To give everyone the opportunity to reap the benefits provided by regular physical activity, we have created a wide range of products for cardiovascular training and improving muscle fitness that can also be used by people with different sensory, motor and cognitive abilities.

Inclusive is a new line of products from Technogym that enables both its able-bodied and disabled clients to complete a full workout.

This range is the result of the company's continuous quest for new solutions and includes twelve products: four for cardiovascular training, six dedicated to strengthening the muscles, and two for functional training.

The products are certified by the European Directive 93/42/EEC, and feature elements that make them even more accessible, including buttons and handles in contrasting colors and tactile stickers.

These are some of the characteristics that make the Inclusive line a solution that will allow you to attract new clients to your fitness facility, by increasing the services on offer.

Why choose Inclusive Line?

With just one product line you can double the services offered by your fitness facility, thereby attracting those who are unable to use traditional products by offering them the opportunity to train.

Each individual product can be used by both able-bodied or disabled persons, because it is designed:

  • to facilitate access to a safe, controlled form of physical activity;
  • not to stand out from the traditional versions in terms of aesthetics.
This way you can offer the possibility to perform physical activity for all kinds of users in a problem-free, integrated environment.

What requirements does the line meet?

The special characteristics of this line meet the requirement to make training a comfortable, safe experience in any conditions.
All the equipment can be used by persons with all types of ability.

Which products does it include?

The Inclusive line includes twelve products that can be combined to provide a full workout:

Discover the products in the Inclusive line.

What's the Inclusive line like

Designed in collaboration with IFI

When designing the IFI strength products we followed the guidelines issued by the IFI Fitness Initiative (IFI), an organization founded to support the creation of products that also meet the requirements of the disabled, therefore increasing the range of people who are able to participate in physical activity.

More integrated

In terms of aesthetics, there is no difference between the traditional cardiovascular and strength equipment and that of the Inclusive line.
Therefore, you can position the Inclusive products anywhere in your fitness facility and create a truly homogeneous environment.

More accessible

In terms of biomechanics, the line has additional features that make the products more accessible, for example the easily removable seats, the ramp to facilitate access by wheelchair users and a step that helps the user mount the treadmills and strength equipment.

More ergonomic

Tactile stickers on all the settings: these are some of the features that enable the full Inclusive equipment range to be used autonomously by any type of users.


The line is fitted with a series of details designed to ensure that your clients will always work out in absolute safety.

For example, the safety strap on the pedal of the Bike and Recline MD Inclusive products provides greater ankle stability during the exercise, while the contrasting colors on the treadmill and the footrest of the Run MD inclusive allow the user to distinguish whether the belt is stopped or moving.

How to buy it

Do you think that the Inclusive line meets your requirements, or would you simply like more information?
Contact us or make an appointment with one of our agents who will prepare the solution that is best for you, based on your requirements.

Please remember that you may lease the products or make your purchase using other financial instruments, and that each product is guaranteed for two years from the date of delivery, with the exception of the parts subject to wear and tear (for example: cables, padding, parts in rubber and plastic).

Products in the Inclusive range