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A new way to stretch.

The machine enables a soft and progressive lengthening of all posterior chain muscles with variations on the level of engagement of the different muscles. Users who spend a considerable amount of time on their feet will benefit greatly from the position in which the legs are raised.

Key Features

Patent Pending

The FLEXability™ line owes its unique performance and results to an innovative technological system, the SELFLEX (Patent pending). This system, which has been exclusively developed by Technogym, enables users to gently modulate the extent of muscle elongation by the gradual and proportional intervention of their own weight, thereby avoiding potentially dangerous situations.

Superior Results in Less Time

The FLEXability™ line works on the main muscle groups, chiefly stretching the shorter ‘ring’ of the muscle chain in a simple and effortless way. Compared to traditional stretching, which works on the main muscle groups, the FLEXability™ line maximizes effectiveness by reducing the duration of the exercise and delivering excellent results at the same time.

Visual Feedback

FLEXability™ is the only range of equipment that enables the user to measure the progress of joint flexibility through the integrated feedback system that shows progress and results, which keeps users motivated and stimulated.

Safety Brake System

Each machine is equipped with a brake system for total equipment stability in order that users can maintain the stretch position in complete safety and comfort. The brake system also enables the user to switch modes, progressing gradually from the static to the dynamic mode.


The FLEXability™ line uses ‘Memory’ for back supports, seats and anterior rolling carts. This innovative new material guarantees maximum exercise comfort, as the special filling moulds to the individual’s body shape.

Angle Stretch Regulation

The anterior machine rolling cart features three different stretching angles - 0°, 20°, 45° - to expand the range of exercises and increase the lengthening of thigh muscles.

Easy to Move

The FLEXability™ line has wheels that make it easy to move should you want to make space avaible for other activities.

Fitness Facilities

Effectiveness of FLEXability™ Method.
The FLEXability™ range enables an initial assessment of flexibility and a continuous monitoring of improvement. The comprehensive feedback helps motivate clients and prevent likelihood of dropout, offering users an easy, comfortable and quick approach to stretching.

Adds value to the stretching area

The FLEXability™ Zone makes stretching a uniquely relaxing and thoroughly effective experience, enabling you to run a profitable business with new offers, activities and second-spend opportunities, differentiating you from your competitors.

Attraction and retention. The FLEXability™ range will help you to attract new clients, especially baby boomers, wanting or needing regular stretching, posture alignment and back pain prevention. The retention rate of existing clients will increase, thanks to your new activities for injury prevention and performance improvement through stretching.

Medical Centers

Treatment and prevention of back pain

The FLEXability™ Method enables clients to carry out the appropriate prevention and treatment of back pain cases, easily and effectively.

Method and Measurements

The FLEXability™ Method enables physiotherapists to assess and monitor a patient’s improvement using a certified method that is supplied with the equipment.

Value for money

The method can be carried out by users autonomously so, instead of a 1:1 approach, physiotherapists can see more patients at the same time, increasing revenues.

Corporate Wellness

Easy solution

The FLEXability™ Method can be performed in everyday clothes without breaking a sweat, eliminating the need for a changing room. The Method is supported by self-explanatory educational materials and can be carried out easily.

Stress management.

The perfect solution to regain energy and recover from the effects of prolonged periods of sitting down or even jet lag.

Increased productivity
The Method contributes to the reduction of absenteism related to back pain problems (this accounts for 30-40% of workplace absences). A better physical and mental condition combined with the opportunity to prove improvement increases employee motivation and productivity.

Spa, Hotel and Leisure

Unlike the traditional approach, the new FLEXability™ Method reduces muscular tension, enabling clients to achieve a long-lasting and active relaxation.

Anti-ageing effects
Help with back pain prevention and posture alignment helps regain a youthful appearance and gait.

New revenue streams.
By offering this new solution you will differentiate yourself from all other competitors and attract new customers.