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Kinesis® One

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Kinesis® One – all the benefits of Kinesis® in a single, stand alone station.

Kinesis® One – all the benefits of Kinesis® in a single, stand-alone station

The Kinesis® One can stand alone anywhere within your facility.

This single, affordable unit will attract lasting interest across the broadest possible range of customers.

With its two weight stacks hidden from view, the Kinesis® One leaves your members free to explore an infinite range of natural movements and exercises.

The Kinesis® One offers zero-impact exercises for wellness-seekers of all levels of fitness and ability, whether they are working on their balance, strength or flexibility.

You can leave your members to explore the benefits of Kinesis® One individually or create a whole new range of programs with the involvement of your trainers. 

Kinesis® One is certified for medical use and rehabilitation

The certification of the Kinesis® One for medical and rehabilitation use is a powerful endorsement for facilities that want or need to address the needs of users who are recovering from injuries or have limited mobility.

This single, stand-alone unit offers a broad range of doctor-approved exercises and routines. 

Kinesis®™ makes movement free and enjoyable, easy and natural, and without restrictions


Kinesis®™ “FullGravity™ Technology” is a patent pending innovation that allows users to move tri-dimensionally while providing resistance to every possible movement of the human body.

3d Pulley System (Patent Pending)

Kinesis®™ incorporates a patent pending 360° rotating pulley system which enables movement on three planes. This system allows the user to move freely without cable interference.

Multimedia Friendly

  Kinesis®™ improves the relationship between clients and trainer thanks to innovative Kinesis®™ Visual Learning.

Kinesis®™ Visual Learning

The  software program for the Kinesis®™  aids learning and allows users to visualize basic and advanced movements, and the introduction program. It is the ideal training tool - the Kinesis®™ Visual Learning Software allows for easy consultation and visualization of the basic and advanced movements and introduction program for a Kinesis®™ session..

Greater Effectiveness

 Kinesis®™ activates the kinetic chains, not just individual muscles. FullGravity™ patent pending technology allows for variable resistance in accordance with the increase in range and angle of the movement.

More Freedom

The double weight stack means each cable controls a single, independent resistance level. This allows a greater freedom of choice when defining exercises and movements.

Ease of Use

A patented continuous cable loop system connects with each cable handle. The design allows you to move freely with minimal interference with the body, especially in 'push' movements.

Fast Set Up

The handle is always ready for use and does not require any prior setting or adjustment. This allows users to start their workout and enjoy the Kinesis®™ experience immediately.