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Technogym Key

Technogym Key


The key to a more complete and personal training experience.

You can use the Technogym Key at the fitness facility on VISIOSELF or on the equipment with VISIOWEB or UNITY™.
It is intuitive, waterproof and shock resistant and lets you access your mywellness account®, manage training data and access other services at your facility.

A more complete training experience

Using the Technogym Key on UNITY™ or VISIOWEB lets you manage the training module you have created on SELF or the one assigned to you through PRESCRIBE. It also lets you work out with your favorite content.

If you insert your Technogym Key into VISIOSELF, you can receive an overview of your results and progress as well as access other workout videos and track other activities.

Just one device for all the facility's services

Thanks to its special technology, the Technogym Key can be used to access other facility services.

In addition to displaying your training routine and automatically starting the equipment with your workout settings, the device can also be used as a "badge" to access the fitness area or as a "key" to open personal lockers or as a token for purchasing items from a vending machine.

Technogym Key for the fitness facility: more efficient management

By giving your clients a Technogym Key, you are making them  more autonomous so that trainers can spend time with more clients or work on other activities. 

Convenience for users also means costs reductions for your facility. The Technogym Key is designed to be compatible with third-party products using RFID technology (vending machines, lockers and turnstiles).
It also enables you to check attendance or access any data that might help to plan future improvements.

You can use the Technogym Key to collect data on the workouts clients have done from the time they arrive to when they leave, and thus improve your general and personalized services based on their training habits.

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Technogym Key