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Personal Wellness Solution

People today want to train in stimulating new ways and get guidance from experts on how to reach their goals.

An effective personal training service, paired with functional training, is the right answer to quickly respond to these needs.

The biggest challenge is for a gym or private personal trainer - always understanding what the clients want.
Today more and more people are looking for a workout that will allow them increasingly free and creative range of exercises to improve fitness. A motivating and effective workout that is led by a knowledgeable personal trainer.

Personal Wellness Solution was created to respond to these needs and to help you develop a personal training service based on the concept of functional training, with a successful business model.

A personal training service needs to be planned with an effective business model and Critical Success Factors clearly in mind.

Personal Wellness Solution is a complete solution that gives you all the ingredients you need:

It's a solution that can help you save time and let your business offer a quality product that can transform into a continuous and growing source of secondary income.

Click the icons below to explore the ingredients of the Personal Wellness Solution, or contact us to learn more or get a free feasibility study.

  • 1. Spaces The Personal Training service requires a clearly identified area for working one-to-one or in small groups.
  • 2. Equipment Personal Training requires the best equipment for movement and is designed to give users the greatest possible freedom by allowing Personal Trainers to best express their skills.
  • 3. Recruitment and training Personal Trainers need technical and motor training, but it's also crucial to have an excellent understanding of sales and marketing.
  • 4. Marketing The Personal Training service needs adequate promotion by taking advantage of all the "points of contact" inside the center.
  • 5. Operations The business model must be understood, promoted and monitored by the entire staff.
  • 6. Sales The Personal Training service must be promoted with a proactive approach.

Equipment included in the solution

You need the right equipment in order to provide your customers with effective functional training. This is what we can offer you.

Designing your space

The assistance of our Wellness Design™ team will help you create the ideal space for your personal training service.


On-site and on-line courses with specialized instructors: view all the training services included in the Personal Wellness Solution.

Marketing and promotions

From Web Banners to posters: promote your personal training lessons with our on-line and off-line marketing tools.

Consulting Service

Personal Wellness Solution also includes sales consulting that will help you define your own business strategy.