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mywellness® Coach Solution

Questionnaires and workout instruction sheets? Look beyond: the future of physical activity is Wellness Coaching, a service that satisfies the needs of your clients.

To provide incentives for you clients to renew their membership, or encourage someone to sign up for your gym, you need to be able to listen to their needs and help them to overcome their diffidence.

Many people who want to engage in physical activity have two wishes:

  • they want to be efficiently trained and motivated to achieve their targets;
  • they do not want to be tied to appointments.

The Wellness Coaching service is an innovative idea for ensuring that your clients enjoy motivating workouts, performed as and when they wish and with fewer limitations dictated by the hours when your gym is open.
mywellness® Coach Solution is the solution we offer to you to achieve such a service.

How? By using tools such as mywellness® key and mywellness® portal, our training, consultancy and marketing tools, which you can use to expand the limits of your facilities.
Really helping your clients will be simpler than you might image.

Wellness Coaching: what is it?

The Wellness Coaching service consists of assessing and analysing your client's needs, creating a programme of physical activity, identifying eating habits and life style, defining a personalised action plan and measuring the results achieved.

Unlike a Personal Trainer, who interacts with the client only with one-to-one lessons, a Wellness Coach talks, advises and encourages the person he/she is coaching, even using remote tools like the internet and e-mails.

By using portable devices that permit the coach to monitor all the client's physical activity, including outdoor activity, a new relation is created between the coach and the client: freer, more constant and less limited by facilities and their hours of opening.

How to create the service in your facilities

The fundamental requirements for starting up an efficient and effective Wellness Coaching service are:

  • a coach/personal trainer;
  • a tool that permits monitoring of your client's physical activity at all times;
  • an on-line platform that allows the coach and client to communicate, interact and keep track of progress.

The mywellness® Coach Solution helps you to take advantage of the offer, by supplying you with:

mywellness® key

mywellness® key is a pocket-sized device created by Technogym. It is the only device of its kind which measures not only structured physical activity performed in a gym, but also all the physical activity performed anywhere else (at home, at work, during leisure time).

By recording the Moves, the unit used to measure movement, the mywellness® key logs every movement made by the person using it as well as their body's level of metabolic activity.
Additionally, this device allows the coach to assess the level of physical activity performed by the user each day, set him/her easy targets to be pursued and assess their achievement.

mywellness® portal

mywellness® portal is a real virtual environment in which the coach and client can "meet" and communicate whenever they like, even outside the hours of the gym.

Each time the user connects his/her mywellness® key to a portable PC, the data recorded is transferred from the device to the portal.
In this way the coach and the user, who have their own personal sections on the portal, can check progress and results achieved interactively and can define new targets.

Marketing tools

Leaflets, Promocards, free assessment cards and banners: with the mywellness® Coach Solution you will receive these and other communications tools to promote and publicise your mywellness® Coaching service inside and outside your facilities.
And that's not all! You can also personalise each individual tool with your centre's logo.

Training and consultancy

Technogym will help you to obtain the maximum from your Coaching service by providing the training and consultancy help of the Wellness Institute™.

A simple Business Guide will give you all the information you need to define and set up your business model, while the Wellness Institute™ consultants will be entirely at your disposal to optimise your approach based on the specific needs of your Club, your staff and your clients.

To find out more about the mywellness® Coach Solution, contact us.

Because mywellness® Coach is the right choice for your club

By monitoring the physical activity of your clients and providing remote motivation for them, you will be able to create a service that will allow you to expand the limits of what your club offers.
Giving each of your clients the freedom to perform physical activity even when they are outside your club, while continuing to follow a well-defined programme, is an attractive and practical solution which permits you to save time and resources, and to offer a quality service.

Depending on your business model, your type of clients and their needs, your Wellness Coaching service can be organised in various ways.
You can directly address clients who have lost their motivation because they have had a negative experience in a fitness centre, or you can choose to increase the satisfaction of your members by offering them supervision even when they are not at the centre.

There can be lots of ideas for using it. To discover the one most suited to your needs, contact us.

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