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What is the future of your business?

The future is Club 2.0

While the fitness industry has seen significant growth in the past few decades, we are still only connecting with a small number of potential members.

As facilities adjust their business models to attract a wider demographic, they need to ensure that their service offerings meet the needs and expectations of this diverse clientele. A one-size-fits-all approach no longer keeps members coming to the gym; instead, members expect results and an experience that resonates with their aspirations.

In this new environment:

  • How can you differentiate your facility's range of services based on the needs of different types of users?
  • How can you increase members' loyalty?
  • How can you develop other sources of income in addition to membership fees?
  • How can you do all this using the space currently available to you?
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Aspirations determine the way people live and move.
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How can I find out what aspirations move my members?

Make it easy with Technogym's Aspiration Finder.

Aspirations determine the way people live and move.

Technogym worked with the IULM University of Milan to identify six core aspirations. Aspirations determine the way that people live and move.

Based on these findings, Technogym and the IULM University Milan developed a questionnaire to enable you to identify your members' aspirations.

The Technogym Aspiration Finder questionnaire takes only five minutes with results communicated via the Technogym Aspiration Map.

Each result is unique for each member and reveals a relative percentage mix of the six core aspirations.


club 2.0

How can I drive my business according to my members' aspirations?

The Technogym Aspiration Map makes it possible for you to set the right priorities to drive your business strategy.

Awareness of your members' aspirations enables you to develop a profitable solution around them.

  • You can develop customized services and programming based on the survey results of different types of members.
  • You can offer a differentiating and personalized member experience that informs and enhances each members' time in the club.
  • You can designate different areas of your facility to fit the energy of different types of aspirations.