Why personal trainers need to check out the new Wekinesis.com?

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Home Page Wekinesis.comWekinesis, the online Technogym functional training community has undergone a facelift. It is now the ideal online community for you, whether you are a personal trainer or an individual interested in functional training.

Here’s who to use it:

Check out the main page to uncover all information about Technogym’s functional training products. Then, take a look at the multimedia section for videos, photos and training programs posted by personal trainers all throughout the world. You can use these sections to find training inspiration, craft your next training program or even add your own content.

Here’s how to start using Wekinesis.com:

1. Create an account on Wekinesis.com and specify if you are personal trainer or a Technogym Certified Personal Trainer
2. Fill out all of the necessary fields: profile image, specialities and address of where you train
3. Promote your skills by adding videos, images and training programs
4. Tell your clients and friends by sharing content via Social Media

Do you have Technogym functional training products at your home or at the gym that you go to? Use Wekinesis.com to find out more information about these products and learn how to train.

Here’s how to start using Wekinesis.com:

1. Create an account on Wekinesis.com and specify that you are an individual user
2. Add your profile image
3. Find the nearest personal trainer near you with the PT Finder Map


4. Discover more about Technogym’s functional training products
5. Add your own questions in the Ask section and receive answers from personal trainers
6. Remember to have fun with Wekinesis.com

Don’t wait. Join the converation at Wekinesis.com today


Soy Entrenador deportivo y trabajo con un equipo omega KINESIS y ahora con OMNIA 8, espero que les ayude con algo y compartir mis experiencias.! gracias..!!

ALfredo Avila19 Nov 14

Estimado Sr. Alfredo Vila.
Queremos agradecerle su interés por compartir sus contenidos con nosotros, para ello puede registrarse siempre que quiera en nuestra página http://www.wekinesis.com y compartir, así, todas sus experiencias ¡Le esperamos!

Giulia20 Nov 14